What's needed to have a VLX with Kitty mod, play on a PS4?

Totally, want to get the VLX… It has a kitty mod. Anyway to make this thing still work on a PS4? What would I need? Can it? Thanks

The short answer, you need to dual mod your Xbox 360 VLX + Kitty to a existing PS4 PCB.
The Hori Fighting Commander Pro 4 is a good place to start.

You also need a DPDT switch or a IMP board for the PS4 PCB

@Darksakul Thanks a bunch bro :slight_smile:

Can the IMP detect between the PS3/PS4 X360/Xbone mode on a FC4 / MKX PDP

No, you got to wire it up for manual switching. The Imp only can handle 2 PCBs at a time.
The Imp v2 only auto-detects when paired with a MC Cthulhu.

For RUMBLE82’s Xbox 360 VLX with Kitty you would treat the VLX PCB + Kitty combo as a single PCB for adding a PS4 PCB.
If you wanted to add to this a Xbox One PCB you need a 2nd Switch

Kitty has built in PS3 support so for any games with the labzero driver, you don’t need anything.