What's on your pull list? (aka what are you reading on a monthly basis)

Right now I’m reading:

The Walking Dead
The Boys

Ever since Y the Last man and American Virgin ended my monthly reading has been a little light, but hopefully Young Liars shapes up to be a good series (first issue was all right). What are you guys reading on a monthly basis?

Teen Titans (and Year One)
Booster Gold
Street Fighter (hahahaha… once a year it seems)
Justice League of America

Immortal Iron Fist
Captain America
Avengers: Initiative
Spidey: with great power mini
Logan mini

edit I’m such a Marvel Zombie

Where’s X-Men and Spider-man on the list?

I still just buy older trades really (alias, MK daredevil, and random stuff)

for newer issues the only ones i really follow as the come out are Nova, annihilation conquest, and the punishers now

Captain America
Avengers:The Initiative
New Avengers
Mighty Avengers(I MIGHT drop this after Secret Invasion)
The Incredible Herc

I dropped Spiderman after the whole OMD/BND issue.

Picked up all the trades for New X-men post House of M. After reading it i can’t believe i missed all those nice stories.

I’m not a huge fan of super hero comics in general (other than Batman and Punisher of course). I read Civil War and it was all right. Same thing with World War Hulk, House of M and Messiah CompleX. They were all entertaining, but nothing marvel has done recently has really drawn me in. That said, I havent read any Spiderman for a long time so I’ll check him out for sure. Any particularly good arcs I should look into?

try some superhero stuff that’s not connected to events maybe?

Something like -

Wolverine Origins
New Exiles
Annihilation Conquest
New Avengers
Avengers Fairy Tales
Ultimates 3
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane
Marvel Universe comics


All Star Batman
Teen Titans
Teen Titans Year One
Teen Titans Go!
All Star Superman
Detective Comics

Manga -

Shonen Jump
Street Fighter manga
Shin Megami Tensei Kahn

Other -

Buffy Season 8
Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash
Ninja Scroll
Street Fighter

I think I’m forgetting stuff but that’s about the gist of it.

Heh I’ve decided to follow-
Uncanny X-Men
X-Men Legacy
The Last Defenders (Colossus’ in it so)

I’m still waiting for mah new DP series Way >|

Off his list, where they belong. Forever.


I buy a lot of trades nowadays…but here’s my list of monthlies I still pull. This can also double as a list of good comics that you should all be reading. LOL, just joking. (But not really.)

All-Star Superman
All-Star Batman & Robin (really guilty pleasure)
Green Lantern
Astonishing X-Men
Iron Fist

…it always seems so much more when you list it out like that.

…probably double that in miniseries or miscellaneous issues every week too. So THIS is where all my money goes.

The All-Stars and Astonishing don’t come out very often though, so it’s more like eight regular titles monthly…and I’ve been picking Batman up since I started, so I have to keep doing it even if Morrison’s run so far has been wack. Not like good, Morrison on acid wack, like Morrison needs a new yacht so he sleepwalks through this wack.

Didn’t dig Peter David’s first couple She-Hulk issues, so I took that opportunity to jump off, and I also dropped Amazing Spidey after they 52’ed it.

Most of my Vertigo titles and some other stuff through trades, as well.

Hey now SF’s coming back in Summer 2008 lol! Anyway big up to Studio Udon as the reason why I got this comic book moding gig and why this comic book forum even exists first place. :smile:

I mostly buy TPBs and HCs. A couple years ago, I was probably buying around a dozen monthlies, but I have been whittling it down. Not that I don’t want to support my favorite books, but I just have limited funds and, in the long run, would prefer to own the TRADE, BABY.

So the issues I do buy whenever they come out are:
Madman Atomic Comics (but I think I will stop after issue 7, which is the end of the first arc, and then just continue on with TPBs)
Local (although I think it’s been well over a year since the last issue shipped… But Brian Wood said that the last couple issues should be out this year.)

Every other good book, I either read at the store like a cheapass or pick up a couple months later in the 3-for-a-dollar bin at the toy store downtown. (Painy knows what I’m talking about.) But I don’t torrent new comics.

I was buying The Programme to support Milligan but I saw in the solicitations that WildStorm is actually going to TPB it. Also, there was a month when I didn’t have a chance to go to the store, and by the time I finally made it, they were sold out of the latest issue.

i’m on a budget so I pick up what I can. It’s usually

green lantern
captain america
new/mighty avengers
And a few others

Where is my new dp series marvel?

Painy, what the heck is “fvjva”? I can’t figure it out. Best I can come up with is Friendly Vegetable Justice Vegetation Avengers. And I never heard of that.

^^ freddy vs jason vs ash

I only collect trades but if I did monthlies it would be:

Punisher Max
Ult Spiderman
The Boys
Young Liars
Green Lantern Corps
Justice Society
All Star Supes
Action Comics
Captain America
Uncanny X-Men
Walking Dead

…yeah I would spend way too much on monthlies. Trades = the way to go

never heard of it? you’re missing out!

Did you catch last issue? Holy shit, when Captain Artichoke pointed to the “A” on his forehead and shouted “THIS A DOESN’T STAND FOR ‘FRUIT’!!!”…I literally got goosebumps.

Mark Millar is straight up KILLING IT on FVJVA. What a fantastic writer.

I saw FvJvA at my shop and was interested, but last time i saw an interaction between them I was… well let’s just say I was let down to make things easy

Yeah I read it and I know what you mean, he’s the reason why I eat my greens. It’s amazing how he can get mean greens together by simply shouting “PRODUCE ASSEMBLE!”

Freddy vs Jason vs ash. Didn’t wanna type that on my phone. But ended up doing it anyway. Damn you zephy