Whats part of ryus mixup game?

Does he have any mixups and what are they?

throw/srk 50/50. OS tech throws. OS safe jumps. high low mix-up with f+mp and any low. tech throw mix-ups using counter-hits, srk, and actual tick throws. You also can use EX tatsu as a safe anti-tech though srk mash beats it.

Does Ryu have any mixups. Hold on, let me check.

Do you even know what a mixup is? Anyone who can knock the opponent down has a mixup.

thats why i put this thread in the newbie forums :smiley: thanks for replying even if your reply was for sarcasm or criticism

Similar to most characters on wake-up, Ryu can apply the pressure with jump ins/cross up/tatsu abiguous setups, thought predictable after a while. He also has a great overhead 2hit punch than he can use when close standing to punish turtle tendencies. Also, walk up EX Tatsu is a great Mixup in my opinion, especially if you have trained your opponent to think you are going for the throw. Walk up sweep is also another great mixup, though again, predictable, that can have your opponent thinking one way while you catch them with something unexpected. Really everyone has a “mixup” (moveset abilities that you mix up), you just have to be creative and not too predictable in your tendencies

I don’t really think it makes much sense to consider those things mixups as much as they are options. I know its semantics, but I think its more useful to describe situations as mixups, instead of just an action.

Come on man these things are logic you really don’t need to be posting a new thread for every basic question you have, spend a little time and figure it out for yourself. I don’t mean to be harsh, but you aren’t going to get ANYWHERE depending on everyone else to teach you how to play. Learn the basics here and take them to the game and learn from there.

Mixup consists of whatever options that character has to land a knockdown, which can range from a basic sweep to a complex combo. Untechable knockdowns are preferable. Ask yourself “which of Ryu’s moves/combos land me a knockdown?” and you have your answer.

Even that doesn’t really describe a mixup though. The mixup situation is what happens once the person is knocked down. If someone does something unsafe you can punish with a sweep, there is nothing about that situation thats a mixup, because there was 1 option that you would do everytime in that situation. It just created a mixup situation by causing a knockdown, but a reset is also a mixup situation, so you don’t necessarily need to knock someone down to create a mixup.

Really now… This thread really is an open ended/close minded discussion. A mixup can be virtually anything and ultimately nothing. An Option, a reset, a knockdown, a tickthrow, going afk and randomly coming back to your controller and pressing a button (lol), etc. All of these things in themselves are not mixups, but the culmination of and the varying of these factors into your playstyle to make it harder for your opponent to read you: thats what a mixup really is and does. The objective is to **shift your playstyle pattern **so your enemy has a hard time picking up on your tendencies, and thus are “mixed up” in their decisions on how to handle your “mix ups”.

Let’s not go thinking a little too hard about this one. A mixup can be just a random jab at the opportune time. But then again, a jab is just a jab. Its the situation that it is used in that makes it a mixup.

Mixup in the context of fighting games to my knowledge has always meant wakeup pressure, not what you are describing which is simply called playing fighting games

Yeah if you generalize that much then its a meaningless term. I know mixup isn’t in websters, but I think its needlessly confusing to call a tickthrow a mixup. If a tickthrow is a mixup, then a punishment is a mixup, which doesn’t make any sense.