Whats required for an arcade machine?

Im interested in setting up a home arcade machine, but being a complete neophyte Im not entirely sure what’s required. If I purchased a pcb kit such as one of these taito type x-2 from here http://www.coinopexpress.com/products/pcbs/taito_type_x2.html. Then what would I need to get it game ready?

Presumably a cabinet, monitor and some form of input ? Once its set up is it possible to “swap out” the taito type x-2 for say, a system 256 kit?

looking at the specs on the x2, it requires a hi-def monitor (720p, 1080p, 1440p). you’re basically looking at one of the new high end sf4 cabs or something similar if you don’t want to build something yourself.

The X2 is VERY expensive.
Unless you have a lot of money it might make sense to go for a supergun rather than a hidef cab.

this not for home arcade. if you want it then who is like an idiot!

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I believe it outputs in VGA/DVI or something so all you would need is a compatible input device (you will need to find out the input schematics. It’s whatever the successor to JAMMA is called), power supply (might be supplied), and high-def monitor.

I saw it Taito type X2 hardward has four USB,
I wonder, HRAP3 can port to the hardware? who know…

simply put.

no. JVS USB is what’s needed, not an HID joystick. JVS USB controls more than just the joysticks.

The Type X2 can output 4/3 480p with all games released to date (and at least with SF4 for future games) so it can work on classic cabinet with a 31khz monitor.

Like that : http://am-net-blog.sakura.ne.jp/sblo_files/am-net/image/CA390202.JPG

BTW prices on coinopexpress are quite high, i remember a few months ago i saw a X2 with Battle Fantasia for almost half their price.