What's skill level is considered "Good"


I don’t know whether to consider myself a “Good” Street Fighter player or not. Me and a few of my friends were discussing it the other day. So basically half of the group was saying you’re not good unless you can compete with the pros; The other half of the argument was that you’re good if you at least know how to play, and understand all of the game mechanics (but not necessarily know how to use them).

Just thought I’d bring the discussion here and see what you all think.




you kinda have to have both of those attributes to be considered good. but i’ll never be that good and i guess i’m content with it.


anyone can just learn game mechanics, but being able to use them efficiently,consistently. and in a creative way is where it counts, emphasis on the consistency…

In a game of chess, people can know how each chess piece moves, but if you cant out think your opponent, then you’re just like everyone else…Good is when you take those pieces and apply strong mind games to beat your opponent. To be the best, you have to be able to be consistent. Also one thing is, if your opponents suck, it doesnt necessarily make you good…Go to a major tournament, and test yourself. I’ll play u on XBL, add me. Eventually you get to a point where you’ll even own someone, but you’ll know if they were good or not by the way they moved/thought in the match…so even if u own someone doesnt make them bad…(unless ur bad lol)


it depends on the scope


I wonder how Makneto would fair in SF4 due to the wicked damage scaling after a dizzy.

Anyway to answer the original poster’s question. A good player knows how to adapt during a match. They have most of the fundamentals down like basic matchup knowledge, execution, character reliable combos (bnbs), and their characters best punishers. What separates a good player from a marque pro player is probably experience and their ability to stay calm under pressure.

A good player may know basic stuff to look out for, but may not be able to recongnize certain tricks. Or if they are facing a major loss they can’t find a way to come back. What I like about people like Sanford, Justin Wong, Daigo, Nuki, and Kuroda is their insane ability to put it all together and make a comeback. And they seem to know all of their options in a given matchup like the back of their hand.

A really really good player makes it hard for you to get a win off of them. They really make you work for your damage instead of having it served up on a platter like a scrub would. A good pro player know how to put you into a damaging predicament and stay out of one themselves.


A good player can place high at REAL tournaments consistently.


Top 8 players for me… or maybe top 10


should’ve made the voters public so i could issue a personal fuck you to everyone who picks the second option.

excuse the borderline troll post.


I don’t think just because you don’t consistently get top 8 that you’re not good. People like Soo Mighty, Gootecks, Allex Valle has missed top 8 many times in tourneys. I do agree with being able to hang with top players make you good. I do think there is a distinction between good players and top players however.


They may not make top 8 all the time, but they place well consistently. Well enough to separate them from the decent players by far.


Well the original poster asked what makes a good player. I don’t think making top 8 consistently is necessary to be a good player. Top players should be expected to make top 8 yeah. But I don’t think you need to do that to be considered good.


Lol thats true…thats why i said top 10…When you go to SBO…youre good…


Skill level 12.


Giving yourself the title “Pro Gamer” on SRK qualifies you as “good”

and that’s “good” in quotes

Anyone else want to be a “Pro Gamer”? It’s easier than you might think.


Good is anyone with over a 50% win percentage against “the field” of other human players. They have to take on all comers though obviously, and not cherry pick shitty opponents. This is in contrast to “bad” players who cannot do the above.

In any fighting game which has an even semi-serious level of competition the bad players clearly outnumber the good. In such a game things like learning the game mechanics are only one of many prerequisites to get this far.

Still the poll options represent a false dichotomy, because obviously such players still cannot compete with pros but I’d be comfortable in calling them good.


Understand All of the Game Mechanics won’t make you good

practice and experience will


Good is totally subjective so this is a really dumb thread. Most people gauge what is good based on their own skill.


Yeah I understand I just put two extremes out there. To be honest it was kind of a community test :wgrin:. I know a lot of really cocky competitive people who argue that you’re not “good” unless you’re among the best. But I think you have to be way more than just “good” to be among the best.

I like that most people have more to say about it than just “you have to win tournaments” or somethin’ like that.

Lol nicely done… love it.


I think you’re good if you can make the best players take you seriously
if they have to play you using all they know, you’re good. Even if you can’t win or get to top8 at major tournaments…

there are more than like 20 players that deserve to be considered good.