What's so bad about sa3

it’s the easiest sa to combo into. plus it does pretty good stun. it’s fast enough to punish blocked whiffed moves that have the opponent too far away for the good version of sa2.

yeah it’s only one bar, but the bar is super short. it doesn’t take long at all to charge. the only negative i see is you can only get one or two ex moves out of the bar, but besides that what’s wrong with it?

It’s just not as versatile as SA1. With Ibuki, you need to damage the opponent every shot you get, with as much safety as you can manage. SA1 is good for chip damage, mixups, and the occasional unblockable. SA3 is a one-shot deal that doesn’t really do enough damage to justify its use. It’s not bad per se, just nowhere near as useful as SA1.


Super art 3 sucks. I always use the sexy ninja stars. :wink:

S.A. 1 has 3 charges. That’s why most people use it in tournaments.

Ibuki tends to use her ES moves a heck of a lot more than her supers.

Plus, S.A. 1 can be comboed from an ES Kazekiri (dp+2K), which can be comboed from any cancelable normal move. Or out of Hien (rdp+k). It can also be comboed from a close standing RoundHouse->super jump cancel (and close roundhouse can be comboed from lots of things).

[Edit]: Sigh… I just realized this thread was like a month old.

sa3 is really really useful for dudley
or characters that like to dash around …

Yes, S.A. 3 has good damage potential and combos easily, but using her ES moves consistantly in battle (using S.A. 1) outweighs the damage of S.A.3, imo.

A good example of this would be using the following combo :

j.JP, j.FP, FK xx ES Tsumuji (qcb+2K)
Does 70 damage to Akuma (gouki) with default damage/diffaculty.

j.JP, j.FP, FK xx Yami Shigure (qcf, qcf+JP)
Does 87 damage to Akuma (gouki) with default damage/diffaculty.

With a max bar in S.A. 1, she can store up to 6 ES moves. In S.A. 3 she can only store 2. And since any cancelable normal move can be followed up with an ES Tsumuji, it makes having a lot of energy very useful. Any time you don’t have enough energy, you’re probably better off with a Raida.

S.A.1 also does incredible tick/block damage which should not be overlooked.

I see Ibuki get more ‘cheap’ wins than any other character in 3S because of SAI’s chip damage.

ever see the pyro vs ibuki match? haha crazy red parrying. but then again not everyone can red parry like the guy

I saw that, SAI isn’t that hard to pary in all reality, but it’s gotta be tough during a match to just whip out the parrying like that.

sorry man, youre cool & helpful and all but you know that the moves are called “EX” not EX right? cause i see you use ES a lot

I’m pretty sure you can call them ES moves. Plus, even if it is wrong you know what he’s talking about, and I’m sure he realizes everyone else calls them EX moves. So why does it matter?

Yes, I know.

Sometimes I type EX, sometimes I type ES. Some people have already figured out why.

Sorry if it bothers you.

Oh, and you know that post you quoted was from back in April, right?

i do believe besides that fact that ibuki EX’s are practicely a staple to alot of her good jumps in (ex kunai) and to end combos (ex whip kick). And to pressure people who pressure you (EX ground slide)
But i think the biggest reason i love SA1 is because if the opponent has very low life he’s practicely dead if you play it right, just don’t try to be TOO offensive cause that’s just out right predictable. But make sure you can catch him at a right time, and the best way to do this is when they run away to the the other side of the screen, do a SJ and kill him to death that way (unles he’s oro course)

Vampire Saviour?


Yup. :slight_smile:

That’s one reason (or part of the reason, however you look at it).

help i have problem comboing sa3 afte qcb-k

Try qcb+RK and cancel the second hit into the super.

It’s a cancel, not a link.