Whats so good about these characters?

This is more for just information then anything else. There are still acouple of CvS2 characters I really havent seen that much of and basically dont know that much about but people say there pretty decent.


Again im not a newb or anything I just havent played anyone that really plays these guys consistently and dont know much about them.

Chang supposedly has a really solid trapping/annoyance game. I heard Ino was perfecting foos at abs with K Chang LOL.

Sim is meh, but iirc, he has some cool tricks and shit you can do according to Buk’s OLD Japan thread.

Maki has dope mixups.

-has good normals for both ground and AA purposes.
-her lvl 3 kick super does way too much damage
-a grab super on a speed character!?
-her KKK move is anti-CC(in terms of random activates)
-builds bar pretty fast

cons(actually more like…reasons why people dont’ use her) -
-hard to combo into supers on reaction(other than them whiffing something)
-her pokes don’t do BROKEN damage like sagat or blanka
-her jump is weird and hard to get used to.
-people think the 720 has to be done in the air :lame:
-her RC’s aren’t that special
-her roll isn’t abusable
-her wall grabs take a while to get use to.

Another pro:

-Don’t know if it does on the PS2 or DC version since this is based on the XBox version, but C.MK - S.HP link does the same damage as S.LP - S.MP - S.HP - S.HK chain, except that the Level 3 Kick super can be done after the S.HP for even big damage.

c.mk does not link into s.hp, i think you were talking about c.mp not c.mk

Opps. Yes I was. Got those mixed up.

Not a lot of people play them, you get wins against dumber players easily.

The thing is, THERE NOT GOOD! Chang and Dahlsim are like the two worst characters in the game. Maki is decent though, but only decent. I 've allready been in this same exact arguement in the “Who REALLY is the worst character” thread.

LOL, Oh wow. That was hillarious, good joke. way too funny

Just watch some of the iyo vids. Hs dhalsim and maki run people into he ground. PEoplearent used to seeing his tricks so yu can mix them up fairly easily until tey catch one. Anyone have any sim knnowledge they can inform uswith?

Heh heh, I wasnt joking. In CvS tiers are extreamly important. Dahlsim is low tier. Dahlsim has nothing too fall back on. Hes slow, has no combos, no gaurd crush capabilitys, He isnt safe and the damage he does is the only thing laughable.

He’s just another low tier character that people wanted to start using, because they hate top tier. Like Mr.Sakuraba said “People arent used to seeing his tricks so you can mix them up fair ly easilly until they catch one”. The only reason people think he’s so good is because hes a little bit unpredictable, because people are smart and they know that he sucks.

Sagat, Cammy, A-Sakura all suck. NO!!! Now THATS funny!!! :rolleyes:

personaly i think dhalsim is more of a mid tier character.
he has decent close range pokes, decent AA normals, a smart pplayer can use the long range normals for baiting/zoning
he can play keep away(slowly). he can do some decent damage. i dont’ see why dhalsim should be in the low tiers. other than scrubs can’t pick him up. i mean if dhalsim is getting rushed down, true he has a hard time getting out, but he always has RC yoga flame(which can act as a ghetto DP).

again…i wouldn’t rank him as “LOW tier”

same goes for chang. i just havent’ seen very many chang players. so i can’t really comment for chang.

maki should be high tier :cool:


her c.strong, s.fwd/fierce link is a 1 frame link so it’s actualy not that great.

Ok, my bad. I guess I was just overexaggerating when I said Dahlsim “sucks”. NO character sucks. It’s just a matter of how you can play the game with certain characters. Yeah I know Chang is decent too, but whats the point? The most he ever could be is mid tier. no point in learning a character that hard if he’s just mid tier.

I doubt maki ranks in the same category as Sagat, Cammy and A-Sakura, but she does have alot of pros. But in the end shes just another hard pointless character. Well I dont know I havent played with her very much, but she seems hard.

Every character was put into the game for a certain reason. My bad for overlooking Dahlsim and Chang’s reason. :o

no, maki is a top tier.

i’ll show america the true power of maki :mad:

Top tier over who? Maki’s good and all, but I would have say she ranks more into Upper-mid. Like Rock level.

Chang is a very solid character. He has his corner trap with the ball… In the corner you send lk hurricane choi, jumping RHXXSpinning ball… this chips like crazy and it’s REALLY hard to get out of. It’s a little gimmicky, but it’s still hard to get out of… His command grab is CRAZY… you can tick TWICE with s.lk and do a lp command grab!!!.. Chang can get rushed down easily though, so he’s not an easy character to use… j.HP and j.MP have a lot of range; j.MP stuffs a lot of things…

Dhalsim has pretty good AA’s. You can use any version slide on most characters, b+mp, and sometimes db+fp or +lp. Not to mention both supers and RC yoga flame (which is safe if blocked) And when all else fails, teleport the fuck away. In general, all his back moves have good priority, with his c.fp being on the same level as Cammy’s s.fp, it even recovers just as fast, if not faster. Usually with super, Dhalsim can get an assload of damage for a fuck up (ex. a missed dp). His quick rh drills are annoying as hell also, not to mention so are his tick throws. He also has some nice little mix-ups after knockdown/throw. You can even tigerknee his teleport to get to you opponent and j.b+fp, c.mk xx yoga fire. His long range pokes aren’t as good as A3 or ST, but they still can be annoying when used right. His RC’s in general are both good, RC fp yoga fire always knocks down and is fast, RC lp yoga flame is safe and strong, not to mention a hit wake-up yoga flame = free level three. Overall he isn’t top-tier of course, but still very usable.

K-sim can wear your guard down pretty fast, also he can always teleport to safety or RC yoga flame to get his opponent the fuck off. No combos?

C-groove corner
c.db+fp xx lvl2 yoga stream xx dp+hk, lvl 1 AA fire super

Any groove (except A)
b+rh xx mp yoga flame, yoga tempest (lvl 3) (not A)
c.db+fp, c.mk xx any level yoga stream
c.db+mk xx yoga flame

There’s a few examples, granted he has no big combos outside customs/C-groove, but none of those combos are really laughable. Slow? Slow jump and walk speed, all his normal are pretty fast.

I’m pretty sure he’s not too predictible if Iyo can OCV peep’s with him. If you mix stuff up good enough, your opponent won’t know what’s coming, giving you the term: mix-ups. The only way they would see something coming is if you were doing the same thing over and over. He doesn’t suck, by far. King sucks, but hell, we have a decent King player where I’m from. Dhalsim is mid-tier, lower or upper can be debated.

Not always true, look at MvC2. Tell me how many good Roll players you know, lol.

She is hard, her various run RC’s are really good, she’s one of the few characters I never seen played.

Yeah it is.

I have, he’s really annoying, and his chip super does an ASS of chip and is 100% safe, except vs N. In general he has alot of bad match ups, but still a good character.

That post I made was pretty old. I already apologized for being so stuborn.

I know a Dan and roll player that can fuck alot of people up. He only uses him to mess around though. And yeah Servbot and roll have their purposes. There supposed to be joke characters. If you lose to servbot in MvC2 then you suck. Plain and simple.

I’ve played a pretty good P-groove Maki before. He was always running away. Is that how your supposed to play her or do I just think it was good, because I dont know shit about her.

Since this thread is about good characters that arent’ known very well then can somebody tell me some stuff about Eagle. I played this Eagle the other day (same guy that used Maki) and he fuck me up with Eagle, but once I got him out of the way I made a full comeback and won the match. I wanna know some stuff about him so that the next battle I play with that guy doesnt get so close.

stop all that servbot hate…servbot is WAYYYYY better than roll n dan

eagle is pretty simple, with good pokes and damaging CC and lvl 2 cancels, a lot of eagle players find eagle easy to pick up, then go off to learn a few usable parlor tricks, which is probably the reason why jae didn’t ask what’s so good about eagle. check out the eagle thread, lots of helpful info.

i talked to a few people and ask why they never try maki. they said she’s hard to learn and require way too much work to get good with. plus her results aren’t spectacular like more notable characters like sagat.

servbot >dan/roll/chunli/