Whats so great about Melty Blood?

I’ve been playing some Melty Blood React Final Tuned, and I don’t see why people like this game. Unless Act Cadenza has been changed A LOT, which it doesn’t look like it has, the I can’t imagine importing it for $60 or more. React FT has the blandest backgrounds ever, completely static, and void of any real personality. The backgrounds are twice the resolution of the fighters, which are too small to be so pixelated, I can’t imagine they would look that much better on a TV. The combo system, while the timing may be very precise, seems pretty boring and repetative. The only thing I really like that might add something to the game is the shield button, but it isn’t too different from parry or just defense, and probably didn’t need a whole button. Can someone explain to me why people are digging this game so much? Maybe I’m missing something, please enlighten me.



Anime is pretty much it, its the same people who Cosplay.

Why does anybody like any 2D fighter? Um, because it’s fun? You don’t have to like it, just like I don’t have to not like it. And if you think the shield button didn’t need a whole button, you should probably read up on what it’s used for.

Incidentally, it’d be nice if you could get the quote in your sig attributed to the right person. Aesop Rock != Aesop.

the game just hit the ps2 less than 2 weeks ago so that’s why there’s so much hype surrounding it. remember how crazy people were about kof xi?

i personally like the game, partially because it plays fairly similar to guilty gear (although much less complex, imo). but like some people have said, there’s probably some fanboy factor associated with its popularity in japan as well. it is sort of in the same line with hokuto no ken, where people know that the game has some issues but play it anyway because their personal attachment to certain characters.

some fighting game players in japan even refuse to consider melty blood as a serious fighting game and simply refer to it as chara-ge (“character game”) instead. i personally think it’s a matter of preference, though. i do agree that the game is somewhat limited in certain aspects but it’s definitely a valid fighting game in every way. in my opinion, melty blood is definitely tiers above stuff like soul calibur or mortal kombat in depth, and much more interesting than most snk in recent times.

granted, if you’re new to melty blood i personally think you will have easier time familiarizing with the system and enjoying the game if you’re already a competitive guilty gear player.

and fyi, melty blood is based off a doujin adv game tsukihime. melty blood was made before tsukihime became a anime.

You can set the backgrounds to static or animated in the options, but not all backgrounds animate. You need a halway decent video card though. Some of the backgrounds in act cadenza are animated, some aren’t.

The game has some pretty bad things in it though.

And…where is melty blood getting all this love? The only place I hear about it is in Japan.


only an anime loser would know this

Really? I didn’t think orka was the type that would lose anime.


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Anime kids don’t even give a shit. They’re still jerking off to Naruto GNT4.

I think you’re overshooting the hype around this game, because there really isn’t any.

It’s fun.

It’s fast paced, easy to get into, and pretty damn well balanced, most anyone can win really.

And breasts.

Um to be honest it isnt all that balanced.

be specific please ? what type of anime ?

tsukihime is like a moe or fanservice anime . which i don’t like it . those genres gives a bad name to anime in general .

-Thas has not stopped anyone here before.
-The PS2 version (which is getting released as an upgrade to the arcade version) makes quite a few adjustments that (seemingly) makes the game more competetive overall.

Except it isn’t, at all.

high pitch voice anime girls = moe anime .

my ears explode whenever i pass by melty blood cabinet .

It’s just hella fun to play. Yeah, it does need more character and maybe abit more depth…but it’s still an enjoyable game, competatively and casually.

No you really can win with much anyone in the game. It borrowed from guilty gear in the sense that everyone’s got this annoying trait to them that you have to deal with, so really you can go with anyone and do well. Yeah, some characters are easier to use and win with, but you’re fine just picking anyone, save Neco-Arc obviously.


You have a very distorted definition of ‘moe’.

The Tsukihime anime is not moe at all. The original game has moe characters, but its focus on those elements is debatable. And the high pitched girl (Satsuki) is hardly the character known for being moe.

Back to the main topic, I don’t think Melty Blood is that great. Final Tuned/Act Cadenza fixed a lot of the problems I had with earlier versions (very little hit/block stun for starters) but I still feel the game to have limited options in terms of building an offense. I still play it when others play it. So its not that I completely dislike the game.

Is it overhyped? Maybe. Especially when it comes to people who look at it as a Type-Moon game instead of a Fighting Game. Do I think there are better doujin fighters? Yes. Do I think the game deserves hate like yours? Definitively not. Its not on the level of Guilty Gear, or Third Strike, or Eternal Fighter ZERO (shameless plug), and its not as original as Immaterial and Missing Power, but it is above a lot of mediocre commercial games.