What's some stuff you learned about the game only recently?

For example, I just found out that Gouken has a damn good kara throw.


Any other examples?

-what frame data is & how it pertains to the twins being OP
-Cody’s Japanese voice is really really REALLY annoying.

Yep! Honestly, I think the better english VAs are as follows.


I know there are some others.

Went to training mode and noticed Yun gains meter when he pulls his palms in, so now I just look at the super meter to see if its a fake or not.

Japanese Dee Jay and Cammy make me sad.

There are too many characters in this game. I’ll be lucky if I ever learn half the match-ups in this game.

That Yang is just as stupidly overpowered as Yun is, just harder to use
(waits for the Yang crowd).

Yeah! FADCing Rekkas into ultra? Whassupwitdat?

how easy it is to implement option selects in your game, always thought they were really complicated for some reason.

This week, I have put in a metric shit ton of time in the lab (and actually got to put some of it in practice.)

I have left with the following:

  • Seth has even more shenanigans than I realized. (cst.MK is 0 on block and leaves you in position to do whatever)
  • He can play footsies if you aren’t fighting Gouki or Chun-Li. (fst.MP, love this move now.)
  • You can safe jump everyone, technically. (fucking DP happy kids
  • Capable of putting pressure on opponents with his normals, though it requires the threat of his special moves sometimes. (cr.LK, cst.LK, cr.LK xx LK Legs)
  • Ultra 1 and Ultra 2 are very hard to pick between. Neither are particularly amazing but neither are flat out garbage either…decisions, decisions…(Damage into mix up or Damage guaranteed?)
  • A txt file for your character sessions is amazing. (i will just call it my Sindustry Report)

Finally, I’ve learned that every time I go for an OS, there is a 40% chance of me screwing up. Bleh.

That you can option select taunt and focus attack to absorb a hit and cancel the focus without having to dash.

Also @stumblebee I can’t stand the english version of Dan, he is just too whiny. Dan should be like this fake over the top manly character who is secretly lame. Not a whiny loser.

Here is what I go for:
Must be in English:
El Fuerte
Dee Jay

Must be in Japanese (I.E. can’t stand their english voices)
E. Honda
Chun Li
Sakura (god hers is awful in english)
Fei Long (his isn’t so bad when its just grunts/yells but when he talks… ugh.)
Evil Ryu

Could be either english or japanese (about equal quality)
Guy (have set to english)
Adon (have set to english)
Guile (have set to english)
Makoto (have set to japanese)
C. Viper (have set to japanese)
M. Bison (have set to japanese) english version is super cheesy, but in a good way.
T Hawk (have set to english) his japanese voice acting is better but his english voice acting isn’t bad but the voice doesn’t fit him so much it makes me laugh
Vega (have set to japanese)
Rufus (set to japanese)
Yun (set to english)
Yang (set to english)
Abel (set to japanese)

You prefer Jap Abel, Bison, and Rufus? Really? ):

They are about equal for me. I just have them set to japanese currently.

i usually set everyone from the Americas/Europe to english, and everyone from Asia to JAP…and then I mix and match depending on personal preference…I cannot stand Elf’s ENG voice for example…god bless his whiney voice makes him sounds so bitchified…in JAP he sounds like he might actually be a wrestler… and watching so many tournament videos has me sold on ken’s jap voice…and Boxer’s Jap voice for some strange reason sounds better to me and Sim’s Yoga-isms sounds better in Jap voice…everyone else is set to where they are from…i switch back and forth with Juri…i guess cause i’ve played her both ways so much, i’m indifferent…

as far as my post actually addressing the topic of the OP… probably that mashing crouch tech is a recipe for disaster…

I learned relatively recently that knockdown behavior differs depending on if you are knocked face down or face up, e.g. Yang’s wakeup “glitch”.

Gen has a similar glitch but the window is like 1 frame instead of 18.

I actually understand option selects as of 10 seconds ago.
Also fyi, pretty much all Asian characters are set to JP with the exception of Yun and Yang, they seem so Western to me so I left them as ENG.
It puzzles me how people like Dan’s English voice.
M. Bison can go either way with me but right now he’s JP.

Japanese Bison is Way better than English. I do agree with Rufus should be english. But in general Eternal had a good breakdown. Zangief should be English, Rose is ok in English but better in Japanese, Ken should be Japanese, Guile should be english, Adon’s Japanese is so annoying sounds like a Crackhead, but Adon LOOKS like a crackhead, so it fits. I love me some Mexican Typhoon (best throw in the game, nothing beats grabbing someone by the head, must be english). the rest were good choices.

I actually changed Bison back to English today but he’s probably gonna go back.
He sounds really evil and epic in JP, but his Psycho Crusher, Nightmare Booster, and Knee Press Nightmare sound really FOB-ed up, haha. Plus thanks to the annotations of a Bison video I saw back in the day, all I can think of JP Bison saying when he does Ultra 1 is "Like to suck a d***? NIGHTMAREE BOOSTAAAH"
Either Adon voice is annoying, but JP works kind of better. Rufus is a definite English pick. Zangief too.
Rose to me is one of the rare characters that I feel both fit.

As someone who plays Bison all the time I have to know:
I keep hearing about Bison saying that on his ultra startup, is that actually what he says, or was it just a joke from somewhere? Generally what they say stays the same, “scream in pain” is clearly a lot different…but I wouldn’t doubt it for a minute if you told me that was due to American sensitivity censorship.

Whoever wrote that joking annotation on the video I saw, probably thought he heard it and I guess once you’ve heard it you can’t un-hear it.
It’s entirely plausible that he’s just saying some Japanese phrase that’s the equivalent of ‘scream in pain’; since JP Bison talks in both languages pretty often.
Ironically, the English phrase Psycho Power is present no matter what language you pick, but the Japanese phrase “Satsui no Hado” is too.