What's Stopping you?

In my years on SRK i’ve seen alot of threads regarding
"oh my custom stick this, my modded stick that".

and i’ve alse seen alot of people saying, “yeah i’ve been meaning to build my own stick .” or “Ive been meaning to mod my hrap”

I would just like to know What’s stopping some of you?

no paypal account so you cant pay for parts online?
-Ask someone else to pay for em for you, and you give em cash.

too overwhelmed with all the wiring?
-Ask a local builder for some help, its quite easy.


Post any troubles or obstacles you may have that may be stopping you from building (or modding) something.

Ask questions and you may receive some help from myself or the builders themselves.

I’m lazy.

I thougth about building a custom stick, but for a PS3. The new hardware has me a little intimidated. I just got a HFS3, and want to mod that, but what’s stopping me is that I don’t know if the sticks I saw on LizardLick.com are compatible…heard something about mounting compatibility. Asked the guy (Chad) at LizardLick, and he said to as SRK! Full circle.

So, if I can’t replace the stick in my HFS3 with Sanwa parts, I’m wondering if I can gut out the HFS3, and combine it with Sanwa parts in a custom box.

Printing out the design and making it stick.

…that went well.

im in the middle of that too, the stick costs as much as a sixaxis, and you can take out the pcb and but in a dualshock in there

and then use the fs3 pcb in a custom box :lovin:

Go to staples, what i do is print them here at work :lovin:

I don’t have room or the tools for woodwork/painting.

Search for a local carpenter, or look for someone in your area that can work with wood.

Just do what i and many others have: find an ok quality stock stick on the market, and put real arcade parts inside it. Also saves trouble on figuring out how to hack a PCB for your stick.

I neither had the access or knowledge to do the wood work necessary. When i read about the capcom anniversary stick having a solid case w/ease of swapping in happ parts, i was sold on the AC.

I need a pic programmer.

one’s coming as soon as I get paid…

how about this one
"im broke"

ive been waiting for this thread. what do you people use to unscrew the ps2 controller. "precision"scewdrivers just scrape the shit out of the screws. what do i do?

eyeglass repair kits

or be shiesty like me and use the tech deck screwdrivers

oh! thanks

Donate Blood

:rofl: i was gonna say that one

i want to build my own stick but i just don’t know how and plus i don’t have the equipment.

pm me and ill guide you,

ill be on aim later :tup:

time. or the lack thereof.

hey shoo, you make sticks now? How far are you from UCLA, I’ll be down there starting september.

Btw, you were the one who wanted the doa4 stick mod tutorial right? I posted it, it’ll be in the first 4 ish pages of techtalk.

I think I can get my brother to make a box, the only thing I’m not too sure about is getting the artwork done.

Maybe somebody from image mishmash this summer can help me with my “Panda stick”

yeah i have a partner/carpenter who wants to help sell custom sticks, he takes care of the boxes and i do the wiring and parts ordering.

im a LITTLE far, like 30 min awayy maybe, look up Downey, CA

and i needed it for a friends doa stick, but he sold it so w/e.

like I would get a 360 :rofl: