What's Stopping you?

I’m not too afraid of modding as long as it doesn’t require soldering =P. I want to build my own joystick just for the hell of it. It seems fun. The only things stopping me are the lack of experience in woodworking, soldering, and just a general lack of money =(.

i think that this was posted already but ill say it anyways. buy an arcade sick and swap the stock parts for real arcade parts i dont think that you need to solder for that,

You can usually pull off the wires and put in qd’s and itll work the same :3

Oh, I know. I already have an HRAP2 with parts coming in =).

Co-Sign, exact same here… If I had the things needed to do it, I would have attempted it by now. Unfortunately modding sticks is as far as I can go…

Assuming I have a picture I want to use, what do I need to do to turn it into artwork for my stick.

^^ go to staples or some sort of copy place and ask them to print you a copy on high quality paper

i usually do it here at work

there is not undo button if you screw up while building

knowing how I am, I will probably screw up trying, so I rather not try

http://akihabarashop.com/ is still closed. I live in Canada, not sure where else I could get hold of buttons and sticks. I have 2 Tekken 5 US sticks waiting to be modded.


are there any carpenters in your town?
a relative who is good at that?

and if you screw up. so what? that’s how you’ll learn. and you’ll get better at it

Its like saying i dont wanna play mvsc2 cuz its hard and i’ll lose

There is no competition and judging.

Its something YOU will use and enjoy.

The person who made my stick said i needed a self adhesive kind can i get that from staples?

lol failed tech 8 and I don’t like getting my hands dirty.

no scene here.

I bought a soldering gun and solder to mod my us t5 stick but it sems kind of pointless now. The only tournament I would take it to would be FR cause it’s the only tournament within driving distance. bah.

Thanks shoo, but they don’t have Sanwa parts readily available. I have requested a special order, hopefully they can get back to me on the price.

I’m currently in the process right now.

I’m trying to pad hack a Dreamcast Official pad, so far I cannot get the damn thing to work.

I got the box built and everything.

Here’s the problem.

Board #1, got all the face buttons to work, joystick stuck in the down position.
Re solderd, all face buttons worked only when joystick held to the left.

Threw it out.

Board #2 X,Y,L,R, work. Joystick all screwy, recognizes left and right as A.

Is there a reliable diagram that someone has used to solder an offical DC pad.

I use this diagram. http://nuclearplayground.com/joysticks/joystick_images/dc_segapad/Sega_Pad_Detail.gif

Does anyone know if that’s accurate.

I have like 4 more Offical DC pads to go through and there are plenty out there.

I have one MadCatz pad, I know they’re incredibly easy, and I’m going to use that one for my 2nd stick, I want 2 so when my friends come over we can both enjoy MvC2 the way its meant to be played.

I’ve read about the delay of the L and R’s but I do not think that’s accurate because I was assisting and doing THCs at will when a few of the buttons worked.

Yup yup.

Just about a month and a half ago, I was clueless on how to make sticks. I now have two customs sitting in my apartment. It really isn’t that hard. Plus the SRK community was really helpful answering my stupid questions.

It is a lot easier than people would think.

All you need to do is go to home depot with measurements. They’ll cut wood to size. You just need to drill the holes and screw the thing together. There are easy to use templates online.

Where? I’ve looked everywhere for a Japanese layout and evetually had to make my own. Just wondering for anyone who else may be wondering.

Oh and nothing stopped me from making my custom stick!

My dad has pretty much all the tools to make one so I set out and finished the entire thing in about 2 weeks.

First box - PoS, threw it away.
Second box - Better, so I wired it and working fully.
Third box - Starting work on it, looking awesome so far.

I can tell this third box is gonna be 200% better than the 2nd. So really it’s all about trial and error. I found out what doesn’t work, what ruins the whole thing, and the easiest way to do certain things.

I used the ones here:


Follow the “hole template” link. I modified them slightly to taste by eyeballing.

I dont know the materials…needed…