What's Stopping you?

Here’s what I used.

For the box:

3/4" MDF Fiberboard for top and sides
1/4" MDF Fiberboard for bottom
Average size Wood screws to hold it together
Wood Filler to fill the holes
8x10 precut sheet of Lexan. (You can buy a bigger sheet and cut it to whatever length you need)
Few different grit sand papers
Whatever color spray paint you want

For the electrics:

Radioshack -

8-Position Dual-Row Barrier Strips
8-Position Jumper
Female Crimp-On Quick-Disconnects (10-Pack)
Not sure what guage wire… I just used some extra I had left over

Think that’s about all you need material wise.

You mean like this:
or this:

Measurements for the above are in millimeter, and if you ignore the rightmost two 30mm buttons, is the most accurate Japanese layout I’ve seen.

finally nothign is stopping me! :X

decided to finally try and do a stick mod, i know its not totally custom from scratch but its a start o_O. hope i dont fuck up too much -_-. Gonna mod an Agetec stick. If it doesnt come out fugly ill have something to post on the custom arcade stick thread o_O

shoo, since you work with this stuff, whats should i use for the artwork to put on my doa4 stick? i was gonna go to a kinkos to get some artwork printed whenever i get the art done, but i have no clue on what type of paper to use. any help is appreciated.

Right now the only thing stopping me is hesitance.

I bought a custom stick off of eBay for 40USD with the purpose of modding to my own visual liking (ie I hate yellow buttons). When it came in a few weeks ago I opened it up to take a gander at what I was getting into and thankfully I somwhat understand whats going on in there. I’ll be fine with the wires going from the buttons to the pcb, however what do I do with the metal wiring that maps all the buttons (ie do I need to desolder it or try to make something similar)? I’ll probably need to take a pic of it tonight to provide more clarity.

I’ve got a soldering gun (and have access to a pump of desoldering IIRC), so all I need to do is order my sanwa parts and draw my face art. Joy. :looney:

I actually decided on making one a while ago. I’m satisfied with the one I currently have, but it should be fun making one myself.

I can get all the materials for free, and I already have all the tools necessary. Only thing I need are the sticks and the buttons. I already have 2 PS1 pads.

I’m no pro woth soldering but I’ll get some help either here or IRL.

And the art shouldn’t be an issue with the stick art request thread.

Any help appreciated btw

I plan to build a stick this summer. Should be fun :tup:

So expect me to ask lots of questions when it comes to actually wiring it properly and whatnot. I believe my neighbor can help me build the base so I’m not too worried about that.

I apologize for asking as I haven’t searched for it yet, but is there a stick making thread for noobs that I can read to get a general idea before starting?

I’m 17, brain dead retarded, and can’t work electrical wires or any of that at all, no money at the moment

Not to mention I have a MAS stick so it might be a while before I build one

Could you PLEAAASEEE :lovin: be so kind to post photos of that MAS stick please? If you can, with measures and all that, 'cuz I wanna copy that box design!! Please !!:lovin:
Thanx in advance


We got your inquiry and we’re working with our web guy to get Sanwa added this week. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for keeping us in mind! If I can answer any questions, please PM or email me!


yes bump, shoo, you never responded to my post here =(

sorry sabre never got around to it :sad:

ima ask around and ill repost when i do :slight_smile:

eh figured you would know since you sounded like you would have an idea on it working at staples IIRC. no big deal

lol your av is top tier (edit: your old av, this ones cool though)

i have a custom stick, but i’ve never soldered before so im scared to replace my competition stick with a p360 (which i already have purchased:sweat:), plus that whole +5v or whatever is throwing me off:confused:

gotta know where to pull the +5v from on the pcb. they differ depending on the console/pcb. plus the dpad on the pcb MUST share a common ground

so if i find the +5v and solder it, but dont have a common ground on the d-pad im sol?

If that doesn’t make sense to you, you’re SOL. If it does, there you go, that’s how to do it.

If you use a NC (normally closed) SPST analog switch IC like the MAX4611, you dont even need the inverter chip. One chip and you’re good with all 4 directions.

For me, I have a hrap2 but I really don’t want to chance messing it up. My plan is to hopefully find someone near me who knows what they are doing and go from there. I want to get rid of the turbo switches, move the start and select buttons to the side of the stick (depending on how hard that will be), bring it down to six buttons and place a custom picture I’m having a friend make for me. At this point I don’t even have the picture so I’m not rushing, though knowing who I could pay to do it for me would be awesome.

@ sabre