Whats sup SRK I need your help to vote for me in the finals of Season 2 of The Tester

Whats sup long time lurker here been hanging out mostly reading the bleach ( Kaiser Sousuke , Just as planned , Bwahahaha etc. ) Naruto ( In Soviet Manga Shark Jumps You ) and boondocks threads here ( Uncle Ruckus No Relation ) until I decided to post not to long ago as for the topic title the thing is im trying to rally up as much support as possible cause im in the top 10 / final round the win all end all be all of the open casting for The Tester Season 2 and if I win this round I get a spot on the show as one of the contestants guaranteed. Mods If asking people to vote for me is against the forums policy then my bad but here’s my casting page. The Tester Official Casting Call | AlbaMeira

All I ask is that SRK lends me some of their support for the finals since I have 5 days plus some odd hours to get as much support out as possible in order to win this. I went to SRK in particular cause I know you all cater to the fighting game scene which is most of my gaming rep beside of the rpg adventure first person shooters ,etc. so if your inclined to support then please do but thanks for the help in advance. The reason for the ??? votes is cause the shits on blind voting so nobody knows how much votes they got til the very end. :china: no matter whats said if you all even as much as read this I wanna say thanks for listening later.

Oh yo you make YouTube videos right? The Beyond to Beyond one was hilarious. I subbed cuz of that. Yeah man I’ll vote for you no problems.