What's that flashy assist infinite soo does?

it’s in video 3 of him vs mike ross… he snaps out the point character and has the assist left…does a d. hk and then i get lost after that…it has a lot of d. hk’s…a lot of the standing mp…and some airdash down whiff lp’s too. i’d like to learn it for flash if anyone knows it or any similar variations?

thanks ekin. i think itll take me awhile to get those down. the ad/db is throwing me off

soo uses : c.hk, sj ad d hk, dash c.lp, s.lp, sj ad db whiff whatever, repeat :eek: :eek:

i use : c.hk, sj ad d hk, c.hk, sj ad db lp (connects, doesnt whiff), repeat

where can i get some of soo’s magnus vids??

>is it genghis(loser’s match and winners bracket)???

>and mike ross(grand finals)???

i dunno about the ghengis match but its soo vs mike ross grand finals match 3.

Morphiend- did you download that file?
how did you download it? mike ross vs soo match.
*i download bt the file can’t play to me.
pls. help… thx…appreciate it.

now i download it…
I saw the vids… amazing!!! he snap out sents and iron man left in the corner and he use infinite…what the hell!!!
how did he do it???
only magneto own mike ross team…unbelievable!!!
:cool: :cool: :cool:

Yeah… that’s really good stuff… :eek:

i have to try that… let’s destroy…

i think in their 3rd match…

soo does it because he’s soo. the guy is magnus.

soo is the best…
i think it is soo d’great not soomighty…hehehe :cool: :cool: :lol:

it’s really not that hard…try it and you’d be surprised…

can sumbody gimme the link to those soo vs mike vids?

I hate when people say shit like that.