What's the 2D Fighter game of the future?

I’m not new to 2D fighters, but Im very new to the community as a whole, what I wanna know is what will be the game that will have the biggest community in the coming year or two.

3rd Strike
Accent Core
Arcana Heart
Street Fighter 4?
Hyper Fighting Remix
KoF -07-08-etc

alpha 2

ST and Melty Blood Act-Cadenza ver. z5

Isn’t the HD remix ST?


Are they like BMW’s now?



Its ST HD remix fyi


Fear the ball of fire.

fuck, beaten

Full of win.

It’s that or ST.

They make more anime and more hentai everyday.

It won’t be long until Guilty Gear is the only way for otaku to take out their sexual frustration.

It is, your destiny.

ShugenDo is the fighting game (engine) of the future…

…Yee Ar Kung Fu.

Kart Fighter.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Tournament Fighters for the SNES.


As soon as Infintycat gets user-friendly (everything needs a lengthy conversion)…

Hell yes. Imaginary Rep points coming your way.

Street fighter alpha 2 Gold HD remix revolution (includes cammy,new music,new sprites,new stages, blah,blah,blah)