What's the 2nd Best S.A. - Tyrant Slaughter or Temporal Thunder

Outta curiousity whihc one is better. We all know Aegis Reflector is is the best but what’s 2nd best. Temporal Thunder does great stun but suffers from wind-up time. Tyrant Sluaghter is good against sweeping shoto’s. Whihc one is better?

tyrant slaughter offcourse!!

s.a.1 gives massive damage… kill your opponent as fast as possible…:smiley:

u use stun to give your opponent a juggle but u can do that by continous attacking and connfusing your opponent, massive damage is a must…

tyrant slaughter offcourse!!

that’s what i thought when I firt tried him in 2I I used that one cause I didnt knwo Aegis rocked while I didnt like the wind-up time on Temporal.

But to do the massive damage, you have to hit with every hit, while they’re on the ground. Temporal can be used at the end of basically any combo as well as for anti-air when they jump in. It also has a shorter bar.

Personally, I’d pick Tyrant Slaughter. It gives Urien a clean wake-up move to stop characters like Makoto from crowding on him after he gets knocked down, which normally he doesn’t have. Also, you can punish blocked shoto sweeps with it for free. Kill the bunny.


wel, its up to you to pick up your s.a… every s.a. has its own use.

i can say that temporal thunder is a good super to because…

u can do the juggle=>c.HP>ex.chariot>qcf.lp>chariot>s.a.2.


the combo gives a great damage,stun plus the s.a.2.
all has a great purpose.

Well, if you were in the position to do that combo, wouldn’t you rather do the ol’ 4 tackle combo and then the sa2?

well, it’s up to you to do your combo, i like the QCF+p because its like a trade mark here in my place.

well the problem with SAII is that it does like 2 and a half jabs worth of damage at the end of a combo. And outside a combo it’s pretty useless. IMHO, at least