What's the actual file size limit to avatars?

Sorry if it’s been asked before, but I can’t find the answer through searching. What’s the file size limit of avatars for non-premium members? The User CP says 19.5 KB, but I was able to upload my current one which is about 60 KB. I’m just asking in case I ever actually hit that limit.

i want to know also, im trying to upload an animated gif when it is under 19.5 kb, i even got this error, Your file of 17.0 KB bytes exceeds the forum’s limit of 19.5 KB for this filetype.

that doesnt make sense at all and on top of that i can upload a pic that is 1.28mb. i have been adjusting the size and everything and still get errors when its under the size requirement or w/e.

:u: So you can upload AVs larger than the limit? That sounds like a good thing to me…but seeing as how you don’t have an av atm…maybe not. I used to get the filesize too big message when I made some AVs on photoshop because photoshop told me it was under 19.5 but when I uploaded it to SRK it was over the limit so just to be sure (if you’re using photoshop), after going to “save for web and devices” you can click “preview” on the bottom left and it will preview your gif in an internet browser and you can right click on it and go to properties which can tell you its filesize.
:u: Yeah…I’m not the greatest at explaining stuff :sweat:

Fro prems, it’s 48kb or 160x100, whichever is reached first.

OP: Your current av is only 5kb

im tryin to upload an animated gif that is below the size. this is the exact error i get from srk

Your file of 17.0 KB bytes exceeds the forum’s limit of 19.5 KB for this filetype.

so my animated gif of 17kb exceeds 19.5kb but if i upload a picture that is 1.28mb it works. it just makes too much sense too me i guess thats why i cant get it too work? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe try upping to photobucket first then using the photobucket pic as an av and see if it works?

i have, its not a picture its an animated gif. i have tried/done that still get the same error regardless.

shoot…now i’m drawing a blank…maybe try another browser. shucks can’t think of much else…could you post the gif up here just to confirm that it is under 19.5kb? if its not too much trouble.

i have 4 different sizes. dont need to post them im juts right clicking/properties. one is 19kb, 19.1kb, 18.5kb, and 17kb. and when i try to upload it to srk it says the same exact kb that i see from the file properties. all of them are the same exact gif juts sized down more and more.

if the file size is fine, check the actual image size. make sure all the frames are within the limit (160x100 for prems, something less for non prems…)

that’s the only time i’ve gotten the “your file of x exceeds limit of y” when x is actually less than y…

yeah he’s right. for non prems, its 160x64 or 19.5kb whichever is smaller

its not that i checked that too. but for some reason it FINALLY worked, after trying at least 20 times it just randomly worked the next try i did.

Huh, interesting, because my avatar before uploading it is about 60 KB. Here’s the original:


It looks like the forum automatically downgraded the image for me, because my actual avatar isn’t as sharp as what I originally uploaded. It also cropped off a pixel off of the width. I don’t really care, but I do find it interesting. I guess I’ll leave it up to trial-and-error in the future.

KOBE! Good for you Busta. Persistence paid off.

Having the same problem as BustaBust did. Can’t seem to upload a gif that’s 5kb…

Weird! Its happening again. Could you post a link to this gif? I would like to open it up in photoshop and confirm its file size. Otherwise, if it really is only 5kb, just keep trying to upload it. BustaBust’s AV uploaded fine (after 20+ tries) Good luck to ya, :tup:


I tried doing it all night last night and no luck :frowning:

I have also had the same problem before.

I opened up the gif and it was about 8.56kb. I then did a tested it by uploading it as my av just to see if it worked and that was successful (as soon as I saw it onscreen I removed it). Could you possibly try it again but from a different PC? I don’t know what’s going wrong since all avatar requirements are being met.

Hope this helped a little. Don’t give up! Its a cool little av you got there.

there’s a problem only because your av is too big (in terms of dimensions).

currently, your av is 62 x75 pixels. the dimensions limit for non-prem avs is 160 x 64 pixels.

it works for savaii64 because he’s a premium member. the dimensions limit for prem avs is 160 x 100 pixels.