What's the appeal of GD?

I’m gonna need some proof of this sir.

  1. Ask them.

  2. Search their post history because I asked and they said Wiz did it as some part of premium deal. They’re not hiding it.

  3. Search for any existence of them prior to my join date.

You mad?

I googled and found this in a couple seconds:

<a href=“Was 3rd Strike a mistake? Did Capcom go too far ahead of themselves?”>Was 3rd Strike a mistake? Did Capcom go too far ahead of themselves?</a>
I don’t really think he’s a ‘veteran’. He had his join date changed by Wizard to be one of the cool kids. SRK is all about showing that you’re hardcore with witty one-liners and ‘teh H8’.

The only discussing of fighting games I do these days is when I’m replying to salty scrubs that I fucking BBQ in UMvC3 online.

here you go.



no, it’s way too obvious
a seasoned vet would recognize that shit in a heartbeat. most of 'em anyway

They’re still there you just need to look hard. Here’s a random one:


[details=Spoiler] http://img41.imageshack.us/img41/6186/fail1x.png
[’]http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/4307/fail4.png [/details]

It’s true. Wiz changed mine to 01 a few years ago. I’m actually a late 05er.

edit: Or maybe an early 06er? Shit I don’t even remember.

Doing favors for Wiz is always helpful. I had prem for a few years for helping out testing the new forums a while back. Back when prem had perks.

talking about prems, what are the benefits for having a prem account now?

I find myself on here more than Facebook and porn sites.

That bar alone has caused more/serious drama than what the FGC has been dishing out lately.
lol @ the people who are like "YOU GUYS ARE SUCH BITCHES! WHO CARES IF YOU GET NEG REP!!"
Next day, same dude who said that would be in the Red and make a topic about how he got neg rep so hard and wants back in green.

I’ll quote that!

This dipshit is the most blatant troll ever. No shirt, no shoes, no service. -1/10

i dont need an alt to post in the mvc3 forum lol what the fuck

Oh my gawd, good postings, man!!!

lol @ the Captain planet thing.
I remember people were threaten to get banned if anyone reacts it. So to cover it up, people here would post specific elements rather than the actual word, or use the word in a sentence.
“Man, why on Earth did you did that?”
“Yea, you’ll get Fired for doing something like that!”
“It’s okay, the Wind was rather strong outside.”

I like GD because people here give no fucks. I feel right at home here.



Joking aside… what is the benefit of getting your join date dialed back? Do you get some credibility points or some secret points for joining in the original year…?

First off, I would like to start with an apology. I’m sorry for how everybody is acting. Its really inappropriate. You had a valid question, and I feel like they aren’t respecting you. To be fair, the true nature of GD is rather shameful, and its inevitable that many of the members here would feel the need to hide it.

General Discussion was originally never a part of any fighting game website. Basically, in the late 80s, as prisons started to get the internet, you would have various inmates, particularly ones arrested for “hacking”, “fraud” and “piracy” charges starting their own unauthorized bulletin boards. Given the outbreak of AIDS at the time, there was a huge undercurrent of fear and sexual tension in the system. Effnet was created as a support and educational group for victims of sexual assault in the penal system. How exactly they managed to piggy back on the server is unknown, but is suspected that “Mr. Wizard” was actually a prison warden, who given the social and cultural stigma at the time, was not able to publicly address the epidemic. It has also been suggested the piggy-backing onto a fighting game website, was to indoctrinate them into fighting game culture was to give these inmates a non-violent outlet for their aggression.

Eventually, as both websites grew, they were formally merged. This brought about a lot of changes, as the site could no longer be accessed from prisons. While many of the convicts had moved on and left prison, there was a strict, “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. All posts relating to prison and sexual assault were deleted, and members who still associated with the various prison gangs that once warred all over the forums were banned. This created a lot of bad blood and threats against mods and administration, but most would agree it was a good thing. There definitely still a stigma of “old school” vs “new” on the site, and there are scars that will likely no longer heal.

Thankfully, the SRK is a lot more open today, and mentioning the prison roots is no longer a bannable offense, but it is highly ignored. Perhaps its just revisionist history, perhaps people just don’t see AIDS and STD’s as relevant to the general population anymore (protip: they are, always practice safe sex), but its not hard to see why the people here have such strong bonds given their dark pasts.

back in the day before the flood, your rep power was determinated by:
join date
number of posts
your own rep

All I heard was “Hinako.” :coffee:


Bang-up detective work props are for Supreme J.D. and the whole Miss/ter Darkness debacle.

Shout-outs to Stu, for handling that with a lol and a shrug.