Whats the benefit to fa through fireballs?

I see alot of people doing this instead of just jumping over, whats the benefit to it other than temporarily losing health?

You earn Ultra meter and don’t have to leave the ground. But don’t overdo it.

beware u could be stun

Seeing your opponent gain ultra instead of losing health when you throw fireballs might encourage you to stop throwing them and try something else. Or you can keep throwing them and hope they mess up, or throw an EX fireball.

Seeing that big chunk of recoverable life can make you think going on the offensive is a good idea (after all, you only have to hit them once and all that health is gone)… and then you jump into Ryu’s srk fadc ultra. Or you might not.

If done well, it forces you to really re-evaluate the situation, yeah. Some people are just not good at evaluating…

Certain characters have very easy to land ultras and some characters have ultras that change the way you have to fight them, by focusing fireballs from a safe distance you can gain an ultra putting yourself in an advantageous position without actually losing life which would normally required to use your ultra. It may also allow you a second ultra that round.

Basic example:

You’re playing Ryu. Someone else is playing Abel. You just keep chucking Hados at Abel, and Abel keeps FA absorbing or rolling through/jumping every so often so he doesn’t have too much recoverable-life to lose. Eventually, that Abel is going to get to the point where he gets an Ultra. You’re either going to have to stop chucking Hados or take a free U1 to the face.

That’s an extremely vague and not very realistic example, but it gets the point across.

Its kind of a two-edged sword in my opinion. Focusing through projectiles is not a win-win.
On the one hand, by Focusing through, you are building revenge gauge at the expense of taking feint damage (one physical non-chip attack will cause you to lose all of your life), which could result in a positive or negative outcome depending on how many times you do it and if you mess up. On the other hand, you are actually FEEDING your enemy meter by focusing through your enemy’s attacks (since they are still 'technically hitting you, they gain meter as if they really did land the attack fully). Overall you are still ‘negating’ some damage, which, if you can play good evasion, you could end up building revenge meter waayyy before you naturally ever could.

Other reasons for focusing through projectiles

  • It looks cool (subject to disagreement)
  • It moves you closer/farther away to your opponent, which is great for controlling space
  • It might trick your opponent into thinking you will focus their next projectile, and then you can hit them with a full-screen punish while they are not expecting it
  • Sometimes it’s just faster to focus an (and safer) than to misjudge your jump and risk getting hit.

At the end of the day, its a catch-22 no matter what way you look at it, but it serves its purpose when used in moderation, and can even assist in giving you an advantage in some circumstances.

Use sparingly.

um they gain meter regardless if you focus the fireball or not

there is litteraly no downsides of FA’ing fireballs unless you amass a large amount of grey damage and go in to attack or something

They gain additional meter if they land the attack though bro, is what I mean. Where a normal fireball might be only a sliver if whiffed, a landed one actually gives more meter because the attack landed.

Its useful against people that throw fireballs like crazy. Also Im pretty sure its safe to FADC through them at the range where you would jump and get shoryuken’d. Sometimes it could make them waste an Ex bar trying to get you to stop FADC through them. What I like to do is at mid range FADC through fireball and if they throw another one while blocking upclose its - 6 on block so you could reversal super if its 6 frames or under on Ryu Kens is -8 on block upclose.