Whats the best 2D fighting game out right now?

Ok people what is the best 2D FIGHTER OUT THERE~!!!

My answer is obvious.

Augh, but there are so many I haven’t tried! Like Eternal Fighter Zero! And Melty Blood! Ah screw it, I’ll just pick Guilty Gear.

My answer is obvious too.

Everyone knows SF3 wins, but people always keep asking and asking and asking… And no, MVC2 is not as good…

even tho i never really played it much in past, after watching people play #Reload recently im covninced its the best fighter out right now… just from watching how it plays out.

Out of those games, sf3 3s is the obvious choice. Being an SNK nut, I’d probably add Sam Sho II and Mark of the Wolves to make things a little more interesting.

This is an opinion, not fact. It is all preference.

No contest, 3rd Strike all the fucking way!

btw, have u guys tried Rumble Fish? I played it at AZ05 and it pretty good.

GGX2 for me

It was a tough call for me, and props go to Marvel and #R, but 3S wins as far as I’m concerned.

marvel for me.

3s is always going to win these polls, no point in asking.

i voted 3s, cuz in my opinion 3s is on a different level from all the others, but if mvc2 is gonna be on the list, garou should be. its a better fighter than mvc and cvs imho…

Imo CvS2

Doomsday Warrior :tup:

mvc2 better than cvs2? nah
3s owns all, but i agree garou and the alpha series should be counted too

Rumble Fish 2 and Third Strike. :rock:

Any 2d game still being played at all or even in tournamnets must be good by default. So I pick all of them.