What's the best bone wolvie team?

I know most of u guys are saying "who cares ?wolvie sucks!"To me, wolvie doesn’t suck.He isn’t the monster he was back in marvel vs capcom 1 ,but I think with the right assist, he can be pretty good.So my question is to the few that still plays him. what do u think is the best over all wolvie team Or the top bone wolvie teams?:wink:

The wolvie teams I use are the following:

Bone wolvie-y/Sent-y/storm-a
Bone wolvie-y/sent-a/storm-a
Sent-y/bone wolvie-y/capcom-AAA
Bone Wolvie-y/sent-y/cyke-AAA
Bone Wolvie-y/cable-AAA/sent-y

Right now I like Sent-y/bone wolvie-y/capcom-AAA the most,because wolvie can get a easy 75 points in damage on cable(with capcom assist).Plus sent has some good mix ups with wolvie assist.

why bone wolverine instead of the other wolverine ?

I’ll take a wild guess at this one.
Bone Wolverine has the only low hitting assist in MvC2 that I’m aware of. You cannot block on 2 levels simultaneously, only on 2 sides. Therefore, if you are hit low and high at exactly the same time, BOTH HITS LAND.

I don’t use Wolverine unless I’m fighting low tier characters. In that case I use Boneclaw, Storm, Cyclops. I’m not that great with him. I just know what he’s capable of, and which teams he’s capable of it in…

Teams to use with Boneclaws…

1]Boneclaw, Storm-a, Cyc-b/Psylocke-a
2]Boneclaw-y, Sent-y, Wolverine [a/b]
3]Bone, Sent-Capcom
4]Both Wolvies, Gambit-a or Storm-a in the middle

If I were to rate the teams personally, I’d put them in this order. However, one must keep in mind that the top 2 are basically in a tie for being the very best. The one with the greatest tournament success story is the second one [Team Zaza].

Yeah Deathfist is right.I like using bone claw for his low hitting assist.

Can u tell me what’s the pros and cons of sent-y/bone-y/capcom-aaa ?Oh and do u think I should put cyke in there instead of capcom?

I apologize for not getting back to this one for over a decade. I honestly don’t think it’s a big difference between the 2 which you choose. Capcom gives you more damage output, Cyclops gives you more block-stun and thus more low altitude offense. Try them both. I’d pick Sent-Cap personally, but that’s me.

So, not gonna lie, I didn’t skim the whole thread… and I’m just getting back into the game… There was a dude back in my day… Joe Zaza, played double wolv, and…XXX I can’t recall, may be sent. May be try to find old match videos of him? He was pretty amamzing playing that at old SHGH tourneys!