Whats the best controller for fighting games


whats the best controller for fighting games

ps pads hurt my thumbs. 360 pad is inconsistent







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Trolling here, but can’t be bothered to respond to my PM or posts trying to help him out with his stick problems…


Arcade stick. 6 buttons. Square gate. Classic.




ddr pad




Serious answer: For a pad, get a USB saturn pad. They don’t make them for 360, but if you play on PS3, they’re great. You could get a madcatz pad for 360 as a close alternative.


Makes me feel like I’m stepping all over the opponent’s hopes and dreams.


NES pad is all you need. D-pad, 3k, 3p


QFT – Tekken with a DDR pad is so much fun.


Kinect will be the future. You just beat each other up and it will play the same fight, just of much more epic proportions.


The NES “Roll 'N Rocker”, just stand on the platform and tilt the controller to move! It’s that easy!




There is no real answer for this. Too preference driven. Whatever works best for you!

Some of my favorites:

For TEKKEN/Soulcalibur, I like:
PlayStation GamePad
PlayStation Dual Analog GamePad
PlayStation Dual Shock GamePad
PlayStation 2 Dual Shock 2
PlayStation 3 Dual Shock 3 (or SIXAXIS)

For 2D fighters I like:
Sega Saturn Controller or knock off
Mad Catz FightPad
Hori Fight Commander 3
Hori EX2 GamePad


#1 DOA Player huh?


My fav pads are:

Sega Gen 6 Button Pad with Converter: Super Turbo( I normally use arcade stick but once and a while I’m to lazy to go grab it )
Madcatz 360 SF Pad: Random Fighters and Arcade Games on 360
SNES Pad: Last Blade 2 and SNES Games of course!

Oh and tekken, I prefer a ps1 pad/360 pad, Don’t really matter much to me for tekken but i prefer PS1 pad, Don’t really enjoy the feel of a PS2 pad or PS3 pad feels weird.


If only it had been for Saturn. Then we could use FGWidget converters and show up some Xbox Kinect.