What's the best Guilty Gear game for the PS2?

I want to start playing Guilty Gear. So whats the best one out?

Hmm… GGX2 is going to be the only one released in NA that you could buy from a normal retail store. GGXX #Reload came out after that, then followed by Isuka, and then GGXX Slash has recently come out. If you’re going to import one, I’d probably recommend Slash over all of the others. Isuka doesn’t quite fit into the normal storyline, nor is the engine set the same way as the others.

Well, Guilty Gear X is essentially obsolete; Isuka is just terrible, as it had a new, creative engine, but it didn’t appeal to anyone. The ideas were there, but it just didn’t work.
Slash just came out, and I have heard it is broken in comparison to #R and XX.
I know that didn’t quite answer your question, but I hope it gave you some perspective. My guess is that most people will tell you to get #R.

Slash > #reload > XX

Slash is out for ps2, in japan.
#r is out in the US, on xbox. Ps2, in japan.
XX is on ps2.

The PS2 version is out in Europe too btw.

“Heard” where? :confused:

lol slash is broken in what way? i would like to be enlightened on that one

slash >>>>> reload, broken? lol

Slash >= #R >> XX

I put a “>=” because opinions differ, though it’s generally agreed that it’s better. At least it’s not worse afaik.

slash >>>> life >>>> mvc2 + #r + 3s + xx + super turbo + vampire savior + everything on xbox…

for free… it’s a perfect… it’s like level 3 order sol versus dan…

GG Slash console version is rather glitchy, but still, it isn’t enough to make the game not tourny worthy.

Outside the fact that GG Slash for console isn’t arcade perfect, its still a great game. And anyone will tell you that Slash is not only the newest version, but the best version out there.

Rumor has it that it comes out in America late of this year, but Sega or Sammy have yet to say anything about an America release date.

If you’re talking American PS2, you have these choices for GG:

-GG Isuka

GGXX wins by default.

GGXX#R is in America, but Xbox only.