What's the best mobile wifi Internet browsing device?

exclude iphone . i dont want to pay for internet. wifi internet only. exclude psp cuz browser is limited

att tilt and the blackberries. ive been hearing mixed reviews about blackjacks.

You have to pay for internet on a Blackberry. Data package is the only way you’re gonna use the internet on it.

you can use the internet on the ipod touch pretty well…the only other portable wifi devices i’m familiar with are smartphones so excluding those your options are kinda limited imo.

ipod touch.

for those prices, you could always go Eee PC.

i think the blackberry curve 8300 and the 8320 have wifi built into them, as long as youre in a hot spot, itll pick up the signal and you can browse with no charge to your carrier account. tmo’s got a cool feature called UMA that lets you call over your wireless signal that also doesnt deduct from your wireless minutes. they might charge for that feature, but i havent seen any charges yet.

the iTouch is a great suggestion. it uses the same browser the iPhone does (mini safari). thats probably the best hand held browser out right now. i totally didnt even think about that. good suggestion.

Huh, didn’t know that. I’m guessing the Blackberry Bold will have built-in wifi as well.

yup, and gps. woot~ i couldnt wait for it tho.:shake:

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The 8300 does not have wifi. The 8320 does but that’s it.

The bold will have wifi. I can’t wait for that phone.

i have a nokia 95, which is ok for browsing the web, but the tilt is burly. qwerty keyboard rocks.

ipod touch is your best bet. Safari and tabbed browsing is sex.

Look up the Nokia N810. It’s not a phone. It’s small, screen bigger than an iPhone, resolution much higher than iPhone too (800x480), which makes it really easy on the eyes and makes most websites fully viewable without zooming in. It has a slide out qwerty keyboard as well as a touch screen screen. Price just dropped to $300, so it’s also cheaper. It even has built-in gps, though I’ve read the gps on it isn’t that great.

Battery life is also really good on it. Comes with a mini version of firefox. MiniSD slot. If you don’t need phone features, that’d be your best bet for browsing.

specs- http://nokia.us/A4626059

posting via my nokia e90-1 right now while i’m on the bus.

Full html browser (pre-loaded browser is good but you can also install Opera Mini too), gps, lots of software and games available including AIM and VOIP.

It’s a smart phone that opens up to a full QWERTY keyboard with an even bigger screen. I use it to watch movies, listen to FM radio, or my MP3’s.

Unlocked and the data plan for it through T-Mobile only cots 6 bucks on top of my voice plan. So far i’m loving it. BTW it also has wi-fi. :nunchuck:


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