What's the best online retailer for fighting games? Also, best "newbie" VF:

I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who’s noticed that as far back as the 32-Bit era, Capcom and SNK’s numerous console ports and home fighting games for PS1/Saturn/DC/PS2/Xbox have always had a rather low print run (which is understandable considering the comparitively low demand for them, then and now), and if you didn’t get [x game] soon after it hit store shelves or by the first year, then its GONE FOR GOOD, and you either have to eat Gamestop’s inflated used copy prices or…search the internet.

Seeing as I’m recently “awakening” from a long gaming hiatus and am itching to load up on fighting games for the PS2, and have awakened to massive disappointment from the non-existent selection of my (formely) trusty local gaming stores and GameStop, it seems more likely that I’ll have to hit up the internet route for some out-of-print PS2 fighting games. Problem is…I’ve never shopped for or sold games over the 'net so I’m more than just a bit hesitant. Hell, I’ve barely even shopped over the 'net to begin with.

So, any suggestions as to what good online retailers are out there that offer good deals/prices on PS2/DC fighting games? With that said another question concerning “Virtua Fighter”:

Long story short: I’m looking to get into the VF series. Currently, I only own VF3TB for DC, which is widely considered as the Tekken 4 of the VF series and plays very differently from its sequels. I’m also not planning on purchasing a next-gen system anytime soon, so VF5 is out of the question. Is Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution a good title to “get” into the series with? Also, what’s its usual asking price And is it worth it to pick up vanilla VF4 for cheap as well? I’ve heard some noise about it containing more single-player replay value and/or containing a mode that Evolution doesn’t (Kumite).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

If you can still get Evo for 20 or less, cop that shit. It’s fantastic. Vanilla VF is essentially worthless in comparison though, so stick with Evo.

Yeah, I had stumbled upon a new copy of EVO for $20 at a local store, and was wondering if that price was too much of a rip.

$20? WTF? I got my copy of Evo(2 of them) for $6 each… Where you ask? This is a shocker:


I know. Blew my mind too.

Were they new? If so, then yeah, then I’d say that was a shocker of a price.

I’m not liking GS’s prices for PS2 fighting games, from what I’ve seen so far anyways. They’re selling some fighting games that cost nearly, equal to, or more than the last MSRP they were selling for when they were new.

On another note…man, I wish I hadn’t procrastinated on getting Street Fighter Anniversary Collection when it was still new. There have been so many fighting games that I’ve actually held in my hand, shrink-wrapped and whatnot and contemplated purchasing, but when I FINALLY went about to try and buy them they were long gone. ;_; This pattern goes as far back to my PS1 days, when I first was procrastinating on and lusting over a “Fighter’s Edge” copy of “Street Fighter Collection” (PS1), which all but disappeared after 1998 when I finally went searching for it. Ditto for “Marvel Vs. Capcom 2” (Dreamcast) in June 2000. :frowning:

The lesson of these stories…low print runs FTL.

vf4evo has a great training mode, but I don’t think anyone still plays 4 competitively anymore. Everyone moved on to 5. It’s not like SF where all the games still get play.

I figured as much, but things haven’t changed much between EVO and 5 so that I can still get a good “feel” of everything with EVO, right?

http://www.gamequestdirect.com Has a nice selection of rare fighters and they are all new copies. I ordered the kof 2k2 2k3 compilation from them. They still have copies of ggxx for ps2 but its 60.00$. Great place to get games online.


Evo’s definitely great for learning the game, especially with the amazing training mode they put in it. Very good place to start in the series.

$50 for a new copy of SFAC at a local store…too much? It’s not like I can find it at any local GS’s in good condition and without oodles of GS stickers all over it.

Could anyone sum up the reactions and/or general consensus to both SFAC and SFAA 'round these parts when they both had came out? I’m wondering whether I should cop them for a total of $80, or just stick with GGPO.

if you want a factory sealed copy of sfac then go ahead, but used…you could find it cheaper on ebay or another website.