What's the best place to pick up a joystick in Japan?

I’m not going, but my girl is. She’s never been there before and has no idea where anything is. She’s staying in Narita… what’s the best bet for finding a stick? I guess I’d be looking for a Hori of the 360 variety.

On a side note, are the Hori SF4 sticks all gone or can they still be found in Japan?


Any major electronics retailer in Japan.

That’s the kind of answer I was looking for. I’ll just tell her to go find some place that sells electronics near where she’s staying.



That’s obviously the place I’d like her to go, but she won’t make it there. Gotta be somewhere close to Narita.

You can also find great stuff in the mom and pop type places. The ones with like just a small sign on the outside of the building/elevator up.