Whats the best port of CvS2?



Dreamcast or PS2 version

did this really have to be asked?


Considering I was not into fighting games during that era yes.


DC and PS2 are for all intents and purposes, arcade perfect.

GCN and XBox version were tweaked with changes that the community did not like.


Is there a 360 to ps2 adapter or would I have to buy a new stick?


mod your stick. go to tech talk and read the stickies, and the dual mod thread (not sure if stickied)


Thank you sir.


dreamcast version is the best and most accurate port.

ps2 is slightly faster I think. either one is faithful to original arcade version.


ps2 version is zoomed-in and pixelated, w/faded colors. Dc all the way.


DC all day, but you’ll be fine with either that version or the PS2 version.

Side question: What killed CVS2 competitively?




Roll cancels were perceived to be too strong, and the game is very slow and takes a long time. Also if someone is better than you at CvS2 you will never beat them, so competition gets dry when the same people win.

That’s what appears to have happened, altho if I am wrong please correct me :stuck_out_tongue:


Not really. It just ran its course.


The average Marvel match is about 2:30 or so, the average CvS2 match was about 6:30 or so. It was pretty stunning. I tried taping CvS2 a few times but you have to sit there forever and a day. :\

I think the barrier to entry does get pretty high as people rank up. If someone wants to be a dick and turtle hardcore in 3S, it’s three minutes of terrible time. If you do that in CvS2, that’s … seven minutes. Playing unpleasant people in CvS2 is towards the high end of unpleasantness in any game I can think of.


This is true only if people are really slow to pick their characters/grooves. Having watched and played countless matches of the game, I’d say the average time is closer to 4:00.

Depends what you mean. What caused it to be no longer a part of American majors? SF4 and a large number of tournament organizers who don’t understand/like the game is the short answer. Lack of access to the game was/is a big problem too - the ps2 copy isn’t the easiest game to find, dreamcasts are dwindling in supply, and even if you have the stuff, you need a crt to experience it without debilitating input lag.

That said, CvS2 is still played competitively in norcal! Check out www.southtownarcade.com/ and iplaywinner.com for the schedule and stream for the Norcal cvs2 ranbats. We had a 24 man tournament a couple weeks ago, and hope to have an even better turnout this Sunday.


Yea, from what I thought they were pretty much the same. I hear some inconsistent things that people say separate them, but I don’t see much. Heard PS2 was higher res, but who knows.


ps2 version is standard 480i and dreamcast is 480p vga so dc is higher resolution and like I said its the most accurate arcade port.


Can anyone tell me the difference between the “Mark of the Millenium” version and the “Millionaire Fighting” versions? After playing both, I cannot tell the difference. Are they the same?


^ its just different name for american and japanese version. still the same game.

Big_Gotten wont be pleased about you asking this kind of question :nono:


Is it? I never heard about that. They look close enough to me though. DC games were similar to the arcade. It would have been interesting to see if the Saturn (with the chip) could have handled it well.