Whats the best program for animated avators?

as the title states, neone?

Image Ready 7… at least its for me…

Image Ready 7.

image ready 7 ofcourse

can some1 run a quick little tutorial on how to use it? i want to start making animations, so i don’t have to depend on asking others.

thanks… like, how do i setup frames and layers and such?

image ready cs


image ready is one that is widly used…personally i can use that but perfer gif animator. Its cake and gets great effects.

i actually prefer animation shop :rolleyes:

Layers are pretty to manipulate. The layer that’s the highest up on the list is the one on the top. If you want something above another layer, just drag the layer up to where it’s higher on the list.

For effects, you click where it says “Normal” and choose from the drop down list. Some of my favorite Blending effects are Overlay, Color and Screen. You can also adjust opacity and the like.

For advanced effects, right-click and choose one of the layer styles, such as Color Overlay, Stroke and Outer Glow (another of my favorites).

Finally, animation. to adjust this, go down to the bottom left corner and click inside the Animation bar. This one’s a little tough to explain, so I’ll just post a pic.

thanks, ur the man… now, if i can manage, i can make that avatar, and save you the trouble. preciated

Thats the newest image ready/photoshop.

Filter gallery owns too much.:slight_smile:

Hell yeah specially for me cuz i got alot of plugins :slight_smile:

Hey, do you know where you can get some new plugins? I’d love to experiment with some new stuff.

Sorry i dont know i got em for xmas a freind of mine installed em on here.