What's the best program for removing Adware/Spyware/Unecessary programs?

Hey Tech Talk,

I always have my firewall and virus scans running and up to date, but I know that things can slip by.

There are alot of porgrams that sweep your computer to find hidden adware, spyware, and programs that are running that don’t need to be running.

I’m hesitant to just find a program and run it, because the internet isn’t always reliable.

I was hoping someone could help me make my computer safer and faster.


Ccleaner for registry stuff
AVG Free
Spybot S&D
Spyware Doctor trial
Spy Sweeper trial

I walways found spy sweeper to work the best, always finding bits other programs different. That’s just my opinion of course…

spy sweeper trial: How do you remove the culprit without having to pay the $30?


it gives u the location of it. find it and delete it manually then use another program to remove everything from your recycle bin and off your hard drive(a 3pass deletion should be good)

Thanks for the advice people!!!

I’m currently using WINDOWS LIVE OneCare 90 day trial, is this any good? It seems cool!

i use spyware terminator when im using xp, its free and it works

i normally scan with at least 5 different programs if i have a problem.

spybot search and destroy
spyware doctor
thats what i use if anybody needs any info or help with these programs pm me. i would be glad to help.

Exactly how bad is spyware?

I mean, it’ll never fuck your computer into unusability right?

Does it slow your computer down?

It seems like the shit that supermarkets do:

“Guy X likes to buy milk. He often buys ham and eggs.”

Then you get some shit in the mail to buy milk, ham, and eggs.

(I pay cash so I don’t get anything like that in mail.)

Exactly what happens?

All of the above suggestions are where you should start; another very good one that I just recently had suggested to me by a co-worker is a free program called ‘Malwarebytes’. This software quickly and easily removes Mal-ware, spy ware and virus’s from your system. I was very surprised at how easily it removed a common infection that has been wreaking havoc on my clients workstations. The infection is called ‘Anti-Virus xp 2008’ or ‘ultimate anti-virus 2008’ and it basically uses a Trojan to try and sell you anti-virus software on your system via pop-up balloons in your task bar.

I recommend giving that a try as well if you are still having issues.