What's the best single issue of 2008?

Well 3/4 of the year is gone and like the title say, what the best single issue of the year that you guys read ?

here are my thoughts

1)All star Superman #10=his one is like by far the best one i’ve read and probaly the best Supes issue i’ve ever read. i read it so many times and each time i discoverd something new WELL DONE MORRISON

2)Captain America #34= New Captain america debut and what a debut it was, right now new cap for is my single favorite character ATM and that issue started it all

3)Thunderbolts #120= AKA the Norman Osborn/Green Goblin show nuff said

4)Action Comics #866= The begninning of the Brainiac arc, that issue had everything sction on krypton action on earth little humor at Daily Planet simply top tier Supes comic

5)Batman #673= I realy like Morrison run on batman and this one by far is the craziest issue of the run yet,

Well those are the top 5 single issues that i liked reading the most this year

What do you guys liked the most?

when mighty avengers 15 and new avengers 42 came out on the same week.
bendis, jrjr/klaus and cheung

Rogue’s Revenge or anything Green Lantern. Everything else has pretty much sucked or is just mediocre compared to those two.

That’s my choice for #1 too! :smile:

Walking dead #48 stands out in my mind, but I’m guessing the new issue of Fables is going to take the cake (when ever it comes out).

ASS #10 is definitely one of the best single issues.

CRIMINAAAAAAAAL!!!1 #1 was amazing as well… I must’ve read that one four times already.

But the last issue of Y: The Last MAAAAAAAAN!!!11 is most likely the greatest and most significant single issue to come out this entire year. FOR ALL TIME

Other than those, I feel okay subsisting entirely on the TRADES, BABY.

Another vote for ASS #10 here. It’s the standout issue in a standout series, and one of the best issues of Superman ever. If I were Morrison, Quitely, or Grant, I’d have this one earmarked to be engraved in my headstone.


Though this is admittedly a weird time of year to be compiling a “best of the year” thread of any kind.

Yeah, I think that’s why I’m having a tough time thinking up another 4. I mean a lot of the big storylines are still going on. These kind of things get easier too when you start thinking about the greatest moment, funniest moment, etc.

It’s like, in Batman RIP there was an issue that had a big reveal, but it doesn’t stand alone, IE you have to keep getting the book to figure out if it even is a big reveal or the writer is just screwing you. Unlike, say, that one issue of Detective Comics last year (I think it was last year?) with the magician who revealed his identity at the very end. Sure, it was part one of two but it still stands alone as a great reveal, one of my favorite issues of last year easy. Of course, both Dini and Morrison are going for different things and Dini wasn’t dealing with an event of epic porportions or anything.

I also don’t think '08 has been a great year. A good one, yes, but not a great one. Way too many events and a whole lot of shock value going on to even start wading through all this stuff to pick out some single issues. LOL single issues that are not some part of a mega crossover event? They still make those? You sure about that? Hmmm. :clown:

Eh pretty early to ask, plus you’re asking BEFORE DEADPOOL’S NEW SERIES STARTS!

Well some issues I’ve liked this year are the Buffy Issue where giant Dawn fought mecha Dawn - :rofl: and the Spider-Girl issue where Peter Parker said the entire concept of Organic Webs is disgusting - :rofl: - but again, I feel it’s too early to rank these up there in a top 5 list. Both are strong contenders before the year wraps though. :smile:

Hmm Jonah Hex had some kickass issues this year, same goes with Nova & Ghost Rider. So hard to choose :confused:

I think the Gargoyles arc has been really interesting where Wiesman is constructing the story… hmm this is hard to explain… In the order the events of the story make sense and not in the order they happen chronologically. Like one event will be listed as “4:30, Tuesday” and the next event will be “2:30 Monday”, in the order it makes the most sense storyline wise and not the order things really happened. It’s like the movie Memento all backwards, sideways and crazy.

So yeah I guess for my 5 you can take All Star Superman #10, the Buffy and Spider-Girl issues I mentioned before and toss in two Gargoyles issues, I guess that will work.

Still think it’s really early though for a top five list in '08, but it’s good to reflect I suppose. :wink:

Spoken like a true heathen who has never picked up an issue of Y.

But don’t worry. We’re still plotting your downfall!

Between this and the Deadpool thread you sure are drinking some hatorade today. Which is why my downfall will never come to pass, sorry. :arazz: :rofl:

I’ll put it this way: '08 was the first year I picked up a single issue since… probably '98.

Actually, it was two single issues. I picked up the volume one hardcover for All Star Superman (1-6), read it, and immediately went back to the comic book store to pick up issues 7 and 8. It was the first time in a very long time that I’ve actually been excited over something new. Everybody can remember getting excited about DKR or Watchmen or whatever, but I don’t think any of us are old enough to have read them back when they first hit the stands.

Maybe ‘08 generally hasn’t been a great year for avid readers (how could it be, with all these friggin’ Event books?), but it was a great one for me, by virtue of one discovery.

Heh, I did read my brother’s DKR when it hit the stands, the minute he wasn’t looking at the very least. I still have his copies too, he gave me all of his comics actually. In '86 I was 11 and my brother was 13! Oh snap, I feel old once again. :rofl:

Did you know what you were reading? Just out of curiosity, did you recognize the layers of the book at the time? I did read some Batman when I was a kid, but I don’t remember any deeper significance to the books. I don’t know if I was just too young at the time or if they were just not well done.

On a tangential note, I once came across the four separate Prestige volumes of DKR at one of the local shops, and I barely had enough money to buy them. I passed them up because my wallet was uncomfortably light, but looking back, I kind of wish I had sprung for them. They were gone next time and I still haven’t seen them again.

Probably not. I was just all “Yeah BOOOOOOY (Flava Flav style, from back when he was a rapper…) old man Batman beating people up and the Joker is killing people, this is FRESH! Don’t step on my Adidas or I’m gonna rip off your Lee tag from the back of your pants and carry it around in my wallet! Oh no here comes that bully again, Herbert Ricky Dookie Jr. The Third! Quick act like you don’t have a lunch ticket or we’re gonna catch gills!” :rofl:

J/K but yeah I just thought it was cool to see things like Batman fighting Superman and didn’t think much of it at the time. I enjoyed it a lot more when I read it again in the 90s. And when I dusted it off after 2000 or so. Still holds up pretty well.

Shoot, I’m not sure if Sano is mentally capable of recognizing subtext or “deeper significance” in books he reads TODAY!!! :rofl:


A lot of hatorade… :looney: