What's the Best Super Street FIghter IV Crash Course?

Last year Street Fighter IV came out; I was excited and got it along with a SE Stick. All was good. Then Blazblue came out. After it did I didn’t really touch Street Fighter IV at all.

With Super Street Fighter IV upon us I find myself pretty much at square one with the the dang game. There’s some character(s) I’m really interested in in SSF:IV though so I do want do make a go of it. What do you think the best way for me to play catch up, before IV comes out, is? What are the essentials that will carry over to SSF:IV that I really should get down.

I hope this post makes sense to you.

Uh, Street Fighter IV.

Yeah if you have regular SF4, do the normal trials with all the characters and see who you like. Just about all of that will carry over into Super. It’ll teach you their basic moves, some basic combos, and some of their harder links (one regular move to another that requires strict timing).

Once you find a few people you are comfortable with, mess with them a little more in regular training mode until you can do some basic moves and combos 90-100% of the time. After that you can invite some friends over and try some stuff out, or if that can’t happen go with online. I would avoid arcade mode (vs. the computer) as the AI is kind of stupid and is very reactionary, in an unhuman way. It will not make you any better at the game.

If you have enough time and still want some more, there’s a plethora of information for every character on their own specific boards. There you’ll find advanced strats, combo videos, etc.

Hope that helps and good luck!

Just play SF4. That’s all there is to it.

Even if they don’t have any characters in vanilla 4 that are like the Super character you plan to play, it’s important to get in there ASAP and learn the tactile feel of SF4 execution – how links work generally, how some links work versus others, charge management for charge characters, blockstun and throw tech timing, how to auto-correct the SMART way, those kinds of things. Build up your fundamentals and you’ll be able to go in much stronger with anyone you plan to play. Look for overlaps in execution where you can (easy with many charge characters in vanilla 4, may be more difficult with characters that aren’t Ryu/Ken/Akuma) and strive to burn those aspects into your muscle memory ASAP. There will always be some transference of execution/strategic ability from one character to another in SF4, and even a small initial investment is better than starting from scratch in Super.

You might want to first find out if the issues/game mechanics that turned you off to Vanilla got addressed in Super. Other than that, only crash course is playing, so I agree with the everyone else in this thread who said get to playing.

Well, I think I’ll have to reserve myself to considering Street Fighter IV as more fun for me to watch than play. I simply can’t get into it.

It’s probably because you haven’t become good at it yet. The first month or two were EXTREMELY frustrating for me, my execution was good but I was getting absolutely trashed online. I decided on a main and practiced about an hour a day in training mode, whether it be combos, mixups, whatever, from both sides of the screen, then I’d play online for the rest of the time that day. It took awhile but I’m doing pretty well for myself now.