What's the best thing ryu should do?

Should i be aggressive, should i turtle, what should i do?

its situational (round lead, life lead, you have more meter, you have less meter, 30 seconds to go etc etc etc)and only you know depending on your own play style

Go to the character select menu and pick a different character because EVERYONE plays Ken and Ryu

Spam fireballs often, because you’ll get some zoning advantages over non-projectile characters. Learn some bread ‘n’ butter combos, practice them often, learn when to use them in game. A lot of it will come in time.

zone and play footsies. when you get the knockdown mix it up with fake/real crossups tick throws etc. Ryu is a true all around character. He can be played pretty much anyway you like.

Just do what every other ryu does DP DP occasional fireball DP DP!!! Oh yeah a random tatsu every now and then too your pp will go up and up and up.

The sad thing is, you’re right. It baffles me how some players have so many points online, I know points don’t = skill but they must be winning against a lot of people to get them.

Ryu is so versatile that you can do anything that you need to.

Throw fireballs when you have a nice lifelead. and DP when they jump

use fireballs and lk tatsu to get close. use mixups.

Basically use fireballs

theoretically, I think the answer to that would be shoryuken. it beats jumpins, has invulnerability frames so it can beat out other attacks and even be used to escape others, shoryuken + focus cancel leads to his ultra each time, the move by itself knocks the opponent down, and I think it might be his strongest single hit move (dont use ex shoryuken, it’s weaker than heavy shoryuken).

You should maybe do something COMPLETELY radical and actually apply some thought instead of coming here for every little thing. This forum is to help new players, not carry lame ones every step of the way, or put up with emotards who think they’re being clever.

Play who you want to, Ryu is great to start out with since he actually teaches you the game better than the rest of the cast.

Lol, seriously he is right. I eat these ryu’s and ken’s. Although ryu is alot more annoying since he has good stamina and quick recovery, but it’s just more satisfying.

Don’t every do that, good players will punish spammers easily. I know I do, lol (FADC forward + throw/ultra? ftw)

WTF? He’s a newbie, give him a tip atleast.

Anyways as for my tips,

  3. MIX IT UP! (do not have a pattern, do a throw, do a jab, bait with focus attack)

LOL thats all I can do. And yes, stick is 10x better than pad.

this entire post is giving you mostly bad advice, don’t listen to it.

And you don’t need a stick, but if you want one, go for it.

This here.
This stuff right here.

Last night I fought no less than 8 Kens in a row, all in different ranked rooms.
The night I spilled my coffee on my FightStick, I had fought no fewer than 14 Ryus back to back in Ranked.

Whether or not people get tired of seeing shotos is irrelevant.
Soon, however, most people will know exactly what most Ryus and Kens will do and/or fall for. And if you’re asking now how he should be played, then your Shoto is going to have some serious issues against good opponents early on.

OP, seriously play whoever you want. Ryu and Ken are great choices, because like I said they do a great job of teaching the fundamentals of how the game is played. It doesn’t matter if people know how you play, or beat you at first even. What’s important is that you LEARN how to play the game. Playing to learn is much than playing to win.

Damn. My response just got E-Pwn’d.
Seriously though, Hace is right about that.

Using Ryu or Ken will teach you some of the fundamentals for great game-play and nailing specials/supers on demand or reaction.
But I find that when using them, most people don’t use their normals near as much as they probably should.
Mixing it up with Dan, however, kind of forces you to learn links and how to effectively utilize normals while retaining a core move or two such as SRK.

It’s very relevant if you want to not get kicked out of endless rooms with people who are sick of shoto scrubs who literally can’t figure out what to do with the most versatile character in the game.

Playing Ryu or Ken isn’t going to teach you shit over what any other character would teach you. The notion that it will is a myth perpetuated by scrubs of the intelligence that also allows them to believe Ryukuma isn’t either a troll or an irredemable scrub. In fact, starting off with a char who has a mashable reversal and retarded framedata on the rest of his moves is a fantastic way to learn absolutely nothing about the game.


Stop. Think before you post. Stay free.

Then perhaps you and I, among others, would be better suited to letting the man learn those mistakes on his own.
If he’s honestly trying to learn, he’s not an irredeemable scrub. So we can drop that twisted notion.

It’s no secret that 3rd Strike players are heads and shoulders better than everyone else.

But to tell anyone that learning the game isn’t easier with a shoto is delusional at best.
You get to learn key core motions such as QCF, DP, Charge, etc., with a character that isn’t going to get mopped up as quick as most of the lineup would in the hands of a beginner.

Seriously, bruh. Not sure who peed in your cereal this morning. But contribute something other than “1337ist” jargon or nothing at all.

Find that sweet spot where you can fireball but also SRK if they jump
Cross-up pressure spam when you score a knock down
c. fwd xx hadou if they get close
dp FADC ultra 1 to counter throw attempts
ultra 2 - anti-cross up
c. mp c. mp c. rh to annoy, cause knockdown and continue pressure

basic Ryu strat right there. simple, aside from the last combo, which has a somewhat difficult link, but nonetheless this strat is incredibly effective

“Core motions”. Right.

Congratulations on admitting that newbs can get damage they don’t deserve with Ryu without knowing anything about the game. Which was my entire point.