What's the best virus protection?


just got a new computer, gotta know what’s the best for it.




I’d go with Kaspersky.


Go download NOD32, only one you will ever have to use.


Linux. :slight_smile:


If you must use a win OS, then I’d say ClamWin. Free, Open Source.


avast home protection, its free. it detects everything from trojans to viruses, and lets you delete them immediately without any harm.


I use Antivirus guard.


Avast is good and free, but I’ve found that Kaspersky provides the best value for a Windows System because it provides services that you’d have to get separately from other vendors (file protection, application activity monitoring and application guard). Basically, I don’t trust a lot of other AV’s because the possibility that the AV system itself could be compromised to allow threats to pass through is quite high. Kaspersky does a great job of preventing that as well has having a decent signature-based detection system. Prevention vs. detection & removal. You get it all. I’m pretty paranoid about security, though, so take my advice however you want. :tup:


Kapersky and NOD32

Norton is too much of a memory eater
McAfee sucks
ZoneAlarm is soso



Go to http://www.av-comparatives.org/, click on “Comparatives”, look at the report(s), and decide for yourself.