What's the best way to apply a marquee?


what’s the best way to keep this panel smooth as possible if i where to top mount my modded Ls32? i’m going to apply a marquee instead of plexi but i don’t want it to show any screw or creases from the hole where the stick goes.

another option is bottom mounting my but i’ve never bottom mounted.


dude do you have any photo’s or something your question has too much BS keep it short and sweet if you want a reply


there you go.


You could always use a router to cut a slot or the mounting plate to sit in. That way you could have it flush with the rest of your panel.

Oh, and counter-sink your screws


yea i’ve done that with the other boxes i’ve made i’ve just never applied a marquee before so i don’t know how much it forgives. if i do it like i always have will it show the creases from the edge where the flush mounted plate meets the mdf?


Way to contribute.

Marquees show imperfection fairly easily in my experience. If you have access to a mill, that would do wonder to get an even, countersunk surface for your mounting plate to rest in.


you could route your joystick mounting plate a few mmm lower than the wood surface, screw/bolt it down with countersinks then add a cardboard/wood/plexi panel over your mounting plate to make it flush with your control panel, then apply marquee.


Why not just apply the marquee on top of the plexi or thin piece of MDF and then have the top layer be held in place with screw-in buttons. Done, no seams or screws showing.

EDIT: duh, forgot about the edges of the panel. :confused:


is vinyl as durable as a marquee? get a vinyl print from like kinkos and press it on with some adhesive. will it show the same imperfections?

thanks everyone for trying to help out - i appreciate it.