What's the best way to combo into supers?

I’ve watched several match vids on youtube. I play Ken.

I see a lot of Kens use cr.mk and cancel into a super, but they only do it when it hits. When the opponent blocks it, they don’t do the super. What’s the best way to do this?

I’ve been experimenting, and if I do the 2xQCF and press mk right after I hit down, then pianokey kick buttons after the QCF’s while not hitting an opponent, the super will not activate which is great. But if the opponent blocks it, it activates and I don’t want that.

The only way I could think was to always do the QCF motions after a cr.mk, and if it indeed lands, quickly pianokey the kick buttons to start SAIII. If the opponent blocks/parries don’t touch any kick buttons.

But when I try this, I don’t seem to be able to hit the kick buttons fast enough to activate the super when I see the cr.mk hit.

Is there another way this is done? It’s almost as if my brain isn’t fast enough to see that the cr.mk has landed and to press a kick after 2xQCF fast enough to start the super. It goes by really fast and it seems you have to have unhuman reflexes to consistently do it.

Is there an easier way to consistently pull off a SAIII after a successful cr.mk attack? I can do the s.MP xx s.HP xx (ExShoryu) xx SAIII as I have enough time to know whether or not to pianokey a kick.

Thanks for any help.

This is too hard.

You could try putting a Hadouken in front of the super to buy you time, But if it gets blocked then you’re pissed.

Don’t use EX shoryu, Waste of Meter… Just do Mp->hp xx Super.

EDIT: Do: Down, Downforward + Mk, Then do One Quarter circle forward if you see it hit, That’s what Iv’e learnt around here.

If you buffer it, Try to time the Last QFC so that you press Kick the same time you get to forward.

Don’t waste time raising your hand up and hitting the button, Just keep your finger in the button, Unless you accidently press the buttons Occasionally.

the secret is not in reacting to the actual hit spark. that’s impossible. it’s about setting up low forward in such a position that you know it’s going to hit and punish and/or whiff and not super.

such examples include throw baits, counterhitting, walk punishing etc.

you shoudlnt’ be using low forward as a high/low mixup.

well you can, just don’t try and hit confirm supers.

when you see ken’s land low forward look at the situation very carefully. you probably won’t understand it fully, but try and ascertain the how and why the low forward landed.

if you’re daigo you can get away with it. you’ll see him land garbage like s strong low forward uppercut twice in a row against KO at evo 04 because ko pressed a button after block low strong. that was psychic.

psychic or die basically. you really gotta be confident on the situation.

Thanks for the replies, I think I understand what you’re saying.

Basically, you should know beforehand if the c.MK is going to land? And you need to experiment a bit and learn the other player, and how he/she reacts to certain things? Then based on that knowledge, baiting them and make them create an opening for you do c.MK XX SAIII?

If that’s what you mean, I get it, if not, can you explain it a little better? Thanks!

I’m watching as many match vids as I can, but it always seems as though when a c.MK is landed, the super always follows, but when it’s blocked, they don’t activate the super. But then again, I’ve seen many c.MK’s land and no super follow when they have meter, and usually people yell “oohhhhhh” as in “why didn’t he activate the super?” Thanks again for the help.

Also look out for your opponent, If you see him do a move when you Cr.Mk I think it’s pretty easy to land a super.

And Er… There’s that meter trick, You just have under one bar and you do Cr.Mk and do the super, If it hits, The bar fills up and you do super, If blocked, The bar doesn’t fill up enough and you don’t get any super.

Don’t try and do Daigo/ Ume shit though, you need to be a God to do that.

when you watch match vids pause the game when the low forward super happens, then back up 10 seconds and watch the opponent get hit. What is the opponent doing before he got hit? If you still don’t understand try and find a similar previous situation and watch what the opponent did the previous time.

you’ll notice that walking into low forward, pressing a button that extends his vulnerable hit box and whiffing grabs are very common things that get hit by low forward.

post some videos. I’ll try and explain what happens.


From this video:


K man I’m pretty high and i wrote this three paragraph essay on what i think is happening. but I’m probably wrong, cause I’m not either of those amazing players. I also reread it and it made no sense. the setup was pretty long. Nuki was basically trying to jab buffer super into walk forward low forward low forward. I’m not 100% sure why but I can tell you jab stuffs dash grab and is safe if whiffed and combos to super and low forward pretty much does the same thing. He throws down parries while trying to move in to parry potential low forwards. he moves in very safe and throws out low forwards where they counter later low forwards that aren’t down parryable. he follows it up with a low forward probably cause low forward will then counter hit ken’s low forward if he tries to counter hit the first low forward.

anyways. Daigo is trying to bait low forward setups and does so successfully and he notices exactly that. he throws late low forwards that he knows will be blocked cause he doesn’t trust the counter hit and obviously it’s true cause he does two blocked low forwards after nuki whiffs them. You see this again when daigo does blocked low forward then down parries into low forward again without moving. he’s trying to hit the jab or the walk that nuki is doing.

but this time it’s a new situation. daigo has just left nuki in the same situation twice. blocked low forward from max range. but now he’s waiting. he watches nuki do low forward low forward and simply whiffs a strong looking for that same walk forward sequence. Success. counter hit nuki walking in at a time it’s impossible to down parry and counter hits the walk into super.

he had to know. It looks to me like nuki was trying to walk in pretty aggressively and daigo let’s nuki do it 3 or 4 times in a row showing him that he’s going to try and counter hit the second low forward from the low forward bait. then he switches it up when he knows it’s going to happen whiffs stand strong instead and counter hits the predicted walk in.

notice that he’s counter hitting the walk in when he does it will either whiff or hit. He’s not trying to counter hit the low forward cause he knows he can’t.

That’s my best guess and I’m not too tired to cover the next ones. I don’t even know how right that is; Daigo and Nuki are unbelievable players and there’s probably a lot more to it.

you really gotta watch that video hard and pay attention to every single detail and ask why. Even then you won’t know but I trust that nothing is random in that game at that level.

also it’s retarded hard to understand daigo. i might try a different ken player. keeper for instance.

you mention 5:29 in that video. he semi-hit confirm it with the meter building. if you have about 85 percent meter, you can do low forward super if it hits… if it blocks, it won’t gather enough meter to do the super.

I am the best ken player in the world!

k, 2:53 is really hard. daigo looks just plain psychic on that one. All I could ascertain was that nuki down parried after dashing and daigo picked the perfect time to low forward during the standing frame. but it’s hard to tell how he knew cause nuki very seldom dashes. Maybe he reacted or maybe it’s just daigo.

He probably knows the situation really well. Cause I sure don’t.

I’ve been playing 3s for a while and have yet to know someone who can confirm cr.mk xx sa3. Lots of people make crazy claims on these boards, but you are better off learning cr.lk cr.lk, or cr.mp. Most cr.mk xx sa3s are punishing dash ins or whiffed throws.

Yeah, you can input whiffing c.MK->SA3 all day and whenever someone dashes in and gets hit, the SA3 will come out making it seem like it’s a hit confirm, but like Pherai said it’s more of just punishing a dash-in or something.

At 2:53, I think it’s more of being able to see that the opponent was standing up which is why Daigo super’ed, rather than it being a hit confirm.

I can do it. You all suck.

ok I’m just kidding…I think what you’re trying to argue is hit confirming low forward consistently because I know for a fact I hit confirm it most of the time I do it because we tell eachother when it looked like a good hit confirm.

Hmmmm… Yeah, That makes alot sense… :tup:

No Sarcasm.

It’s all about the strong fierce super. Practice this. If you can’t do it, do strong fierce LP hadouken super.

Ken’s most damaging combo from the ground is fierce MP shoryu super. Do that after blocked supers etc.

didn’t read all the posts but I always hold mk while the kick is going I do qcfx2 and release (negative edge) only if it hits. Timing is harder but it’s easy once you do it a couple of times

Not Good if you’re playing a good chun though, If they see a Cr.Mk, They could super your ass iirc.

I don’t think chun can do that, and if she can I don’t think too many chuns are going to risk a meter trying that.