Whats the best way to cut/make holes on plexi glass and lexan?

What tools do you guys use to make button and screw holes on plexi glass and lexan?

Another question, I just got my art laminated…but it was too big and i cut the side to trim it down and now is all rough…how do i smooth the sides/edges?

thanks in avance.

I have never laminated art as it can stick to the plexi.
High quality paper with a soft sheen is best.
Dont use gloss.

A scalpel and metal ruler is what you need.

As for the holes you use a hole saw.
Like the one in my drill here.

^To elaborate on this:
I make the holes in the top panel first, then sandwich the acrylic (2mm) between the finished panel and a piece of scrap wood. Clamp it down, then line up the drill bit with one of your finished holes (***MAKE SURE IT’S OFF!***)
Finally, pull the drill up, turn it on the lowest setting, and gently ease it into the hole. When you hit the acrylic, push it down GENTLY until you hear a faint snap. Pull out, turn off, get rid of the piece of acrylic which is now goddamn stuck in the drill bit, repeat for the rest.

As for art, I found that good card-paper (forgot the density) works very well.

Nice drill dude but I cant afford that…

Can I use a regular hand held drill for the hole? if that works, will the hole be smooth or rough? Im just afraid that drilling it might crack or break the whole glass since its going to be my first time.

Euro tools = awesome

I use a gun. Oh, and bullets! Can’t forget the bullets.

I like to use rocks but dirt clods can work.

If I’m in a hurry…I might use two guns.

Oh, I should mention, you can only use a gun (and bullets) on lexan. If you use it on plexiglass it will explode in your face. Ask TMO, he knows all about that.

Where do you guys buy your 30mm and 24mm hole saws? Also, what brand do you use?


I ordered mine on Tuesday and just got them now. If you need more than 1 part, they will combine shipping and make it a lot cheaper. I had to get 15/16" Hole Saw, 1 3/16" Hole Saw, and the M24 arbor. Payed $20 for all 3 parts to be shipped to me.
If you do end up ordering from there, don’t send payment until they send you an invoice. It will be a lot cheaper.

I have also heard people use 24 and 30 mm forstner bits for cutting button holes. I have a corded electric drill and am told that forstner bits will fit in it just fine. Is this true, and if so, is there a good place online someone can recommend?

MLCS woodworking.

Yup that would work.
Although forstner bits can be expensive.
The ones I have were 17 each!

You can use a hand drill yup.
Make sure you hold it at a 90% angle from the plexi.
Drill through with the drill and then SLOW DOWN when you get to the hole saw.
You should be able to see if its cutting straight. Level it up if your not.

Go slowish so as not to make the plexi crack but not so slow that you start to melt it!


you can use a small hard rat as well.

i use a hand drill and i usually use spade bits. what i do is make pin it between two pieces of wood. the wood on top already has the holes where its supposed to go, its pretty much a wooden stencil. but ya pin it between two boards and clamp it so it wont crack. then you can use sand paper to sand out stuff if needed.