Whats the best way to do this audio/video setup?

Me and my friend want to make a casual gaming show for fun, having us play games and do some commentary, fuck around, etc.

What we’re doing as we build up our game collections is playing the games on our PC. Whats the best way to record gameplay and commentary at the same time? We’re trying to avoid pointing a camcorder at a TV.

EDIT: This is being recorded and put on YouTube, so we want the framerate to be decent.

I suggest you go check out the streaming discussion threads.

Heres what you need in a nutshell though:
A broadcasting/streaming/recording program on your PC (xSplit, wirecast, or FME are good ones).
A way to capture your footage, for PC just use screen region capture and for consoles you need a video capture card of some sort.
Microphones. If you want more than one you’re going to require a mixer(software or hardware) to mix all of them down into one source.


Fraps doesn’t seem to want to work with stuff like ZSNES/Fusion/NeoRageX. Also, is the file supposed to be so huge for a clip thats only a few moments?