What's the best way to establish wake-up pressure on characters with 3-frame uppercuts?



I like to rush down every now and then seeing as the zoning game can only get you so far when playing experienced shotos. I find that a large component of my game is neutralized due to the fact that i can’t pressure the shotos, adon, and any character with 3 to 4 frame wakeup for the fear of getting dp’ed.

Any strategies or suggestions that you guys use and find useful? help would be appreciated.



I’m not that good but a good thing to do is condition them to block on wake up, make them scared to dp then you start your wake up pressure/ tick throws


Hey NYC…I hear you. Thing is …due to sagat’s abysmal walk speed, I find it kinda hard to just dance around close to them and then do a mix up, so I’m either very close (i.e. within a dp or wake up throw range) or im far away trying to land a meaty LTS. Being close isn’t doing much for me because often times i have to watch out for their offense as much as they have to watch out for mine, i.e. a 50 50.

Was wondering if anybody had some tactics they used in this regard…but judging from the crickets, i guess theres not much of a way to keep constant pressure as you would be able to do on characters without it:)



Once you knock them down wiff a crouching lp, and see what they do on wakeup. If they are on autopilot then they will do whatever autopilot move they have learned. Once they wiff a DP punish them. if you see they like to press buttons on wake up then once you knock them down walk up and DP them on wakeup. I have literally walked up to some and DPed them 3 times in a row on wake up. Nothing and I mean nothing causes people to crack faster then psychic uppercuts. Once you learn their habbits then counter them and then you got them scared to do anything expect block and you can apply all the pressure you want.


nice one Will. thanks


2 thoughts:

#1. your effing sagat, you have a ton of life. go balls out on wake up pressure with meaty cr lk. if they dp it fine, its a little life, but now you get into the guessing games: will they dp and risk getting a huge punish if you blocked it? will they just block it out and risk eating tick throw (you can be as much as +5 on a frame perfect meaty blocked cr. lk,you can walk forward tick throw on that)? Will you neutral jump mk to punish a whiffed counter throw? meaty overhead? Thats basic oki, you just gotta make intelligent reads on what they are doing, and know the frame data and reversal options. chun with no meter? I’m going in NON stop till she gets a bar. Ryu/ken/3f reversals? I test the waters and learn. Sagat doesn’t have the derpy brainless stuff cammy or sakura do on wakeup pressure, but sagat can hang on wakeup pressure/rushdown if you play smart.

#2. Know your good ranges, especially if you get them cornered. you can stand right outside of sweep range, and just wait, they will probably hang themselves. Remember, at that range you can get an ultra juggle off a low ex TS or even a ex tiger knee. You can even surprise them with a safe fwd stand lk.


great advice hellbox. Great perspective on the health thing as well. This has been really helpful.

Thanks :wink:


If you’re ballsy enough (it puts you in the corner). You can light Tiger Knee at just the perfect timing to corpsehop, makes their dp mashing input fail. Did it on two players online quite a few times, kept coming out as cr.hp or st.hp lol gg.


interesting jebop. When you say corpsehop, i’m assuming it means tk over the dropped body of the opponent? and what would be the follow up to continues pressure after their dp input gets messed up? do you go for standard bnbs?


Yeah. I go for the cr.lk or grab if I can.