Whats the best way to get across the screen when someone is knocked down

To me its between a Roundhouse Hurricane or dashing

whats would you people say are the pros or cons between the two or hell maybe someone might think Superjump

Superjump Tatsumaki seems pretty fast to me. But maybe doing it on the ground is the same.

If they can roll tech then dashing is the safest…

If They can’t roll tech and Depending on the character, You ‘COULD’ do ’ Hurricane’ but then, I’d Dash all the time, I don’t know why. HK might put you right next to the opponent, Letting them throw you by the time they get up in the same time when you land, And MK would put you quite a distance away, then you’d have to dash up anyways…

But, Whatever suits you best or something… I havn’t tested any of this out, I’m tired and just trying to help, It’s really late…

I would dash up or super jump then dash.

After an EX fireball, I think mk hurricane is 100%, hk hurricane might be 100% as well, but I’m not sure. After SAI, hk hurricane is 100%. The only reason why you would hurricane instead of dash is because the hurricane will build a bit of meter. That said, dashing is more instinctual, and as Daigo Jr. has mentioned, safer.

Taunt then say bring it

This might sound stupid. But EX Shoryuken can do the trick. It will keep you a safe distance from the opponent if he is the other end of the screen. And will give you some options for mind games.

I have no idea how to react to this.

I would suggest one or two dashes, then walk the rest of the distance. This is much safer then super jumping, tatsu, or dashes. Or you could just simply walk the whole distance. It just depends on what you prefer. I usually stick with the safer options though, and it really depends on the situation too.

Don’t? That’s the best we can do really. For those of you who are confused, EX shoryuken is NOT a good idea.

that makes less sense than what I said


wtf… O.o"

yeah like the other guy thinking that your out of your mind

ex srk, what the hell are you thinking

after reading what Roshi said about Ex shoryu’s i decieded to try it out with ken today. Needless to say it worked perfectly, i did a far throw and immediatly did and ex shoryu! I then hit him with the back MK overhead and won! EX shoryu works 100% of the time!
I felt like a moron doing it though

On a serious note alot of japanese ryu’s do MK Tatsu or HK Tatsu to get across the screen. Take that for what its worth.


i know right

Dashing is still alot more safer o.O

When Tatsu is safe dashing can’t be safer. Safe is safe.

Good point.
Two safe moves, either one is good enough.

Dashing Fierce Hurricane kick would get you punished