What's the best way to learn a game?


The games I’m playing are SFxT and I just picked up UMVC3. Both have tons of characters. If you really want to learn a game head to toe, does it make sense to keep playing the same team or do you want to learn to play the entire roster to learn their strengths and weaknesses yourself? I don’t expect there to be a simple answer, but I’m wondering in terms of becoming the best player you can as fast as possible. Any thoughts?


Get your first team to the point where you can at least play people (in person or online, whatever).

So learn all your moves and basic combos first.

Then split your time between playing others and practicing up more.


Play everybody on the roster at least a few times and try to do their trials. This will give you an idea of how your character will play out, which strengths/weaknesses they have, and whether or not your playstyle will be able to utilize them to the fullest. Then go with a team that you like to use, and learn how to fully control them, while doing your best to understand the mechanics of the game, and how you can use and abuse it to get wins. This will provide a basic foundation for how to play the game properly, and should you choose to change your team at a later time, the transition will be a thousand times easier than when you first started out.

Basically, just play the damn game.


I’d say pick a main (team) and stick with it until you feel you’ve mastered those characters (which will probably takes months/years). Playing as characters to learn how to beat them is very inefficient if you have opportunity to play against those characters. Mastering the character/team you main is difficult, and generally something people underestimate imo and they get side tracked learning the basic combos of every character instead of learning the nuances of their main.


If you want fast results just x-copy top players.


pick a top tier…


play the game, play it against a lot of people, try to understand the game mechanics and how they work in conjunction with the cast, try to get a lot of play against different characters, but also different players, it can help you to grasp what the characters are capable to do
also don’t be afraid to try to experiment with other characters to try to see if they can offer you other options on who to play, but this doesn’t mean that you need to try to learn everyone
be open on trying to experiment different approaches on how to play the matchups
in the end is simply, play the game a lot, but try also to be more analytic of how you and your opponents play


When I pick up a new fighting game, I run through everyone’s trials. I’ve usually read, and watched a bunch of videos of the game so I have a good idea on who I want to use. While I run through the trials, I’m feeling out which characters fighting styles make sense to me, what the attacks/specials could be used for, and whether or not a character is easier/harder for me to use.

For example, some characters, like ryu, are “easy to use” because all shotos kind of work the same. The fighting style just doesn’t make sense to me though so I don’t really play as ryu. Ibuki’s fighting style makes a lot of sense to me because it’s a lot of chain combos and mind games. I can do most of her combos so I stick with her for a while. I always try to learn a secondary too though, because every single character will teach you something about how the game works.

After that, pick a character and really try to master them. Jack of all trades, master of none won’t net you very many wins online.


Obligatory Sanford Kelly video:



Learn the basic characters, and once you start playing other players you’ll eventually get a general idea on how the other characters play.


Try to focus on only one team, then try to switch, and if it doesn’t work, go back to your first team


Well choose a char or 3 (umvc3) then trials. Then specials and make sure the assisit and order is good to your liking. Then training mode. Lol. Basically

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Long story short. Try all characters trials and see what stands out to you or is the easiest and then decide which of those 3 or 2 if you’re playing SFxT and try them together. Stick to it unless you feel something is missing then switch a character out or even the team and learn some more stuff.