Whats the best way to practice and the best way to get better?

Hey everyone i had a question about parrying. Now i really want to improve my parrying and here are the problems thati have been having with my parrying.

  1. Ill do some moves to set up for a parry or something and I will try and cover my move that has frame adv on it. Now heres where it gets really funky. They do the move that I wanted to parry but instead I still get hit.

  2. I really dont have any offline competition in my area. except for my boyfriend and he isnt great at parrying either. He just blocks and punishes alot. I practice against the computer with my parries and I see no progress what so ever. Because I have a hard time parrying.

  3. I often find my self hesitating to parry becasue I miss alot and ill hit forward and then quickly pressing back. in doing that i STILL get hit with the attack that i tried to block after i hesitated to parry.

  4. I play on xbl alot( i know bad move) but its my only source of competition and thats the only way i can play anyone when i want to play 3s. is it just better to play against the computer or is it better to just work on my execution? and forget xbl?

These are alot of problems ive been having with my gameplay and i hope that someone can help me. To anyone that helps thank you sooo much :lovin:

I think you need to stop concentrating on seting up parries and concentrate more on analysing your oponent. I’ve only just delved into the world of parrying my self, so I can tell you what I’ve learned so far. One day I just decided to try and parry my friend, no matter what. I started to watch what he was doing and try to spot moves I could parry in specific situations. Like, every time I used to jump in from afar he used to sweep me. So every time I jumped in from afar I just taped down and parried his sweep, punnishing acordingly.

Something I noticed though, some things should I say. Was that you spot a lot more than parries, simply by watching for parries. You spot mistakes, block strings, habbits, punnishment and a whole lot more, just by looking for opertunities to parry. You notice when you block a sweep and you think “damn I could have parried that.” But by now you already know he’s sweeped and you just c.mk xx pain.

If you’re constantly trying to do something, it just gets you killed. Most of your focus is on your intentions and not your oponents intentions. You need to act around the oponent and adapt to them, that way you can keep control, manipulate their paterns and punnish their mistakes.

Jump ins are easy to spot, you just need to learn your oponents timing and parry when he jumps in and attacks. You need to be careful though with these, empty jump ins can be a killer if used apropriatley, so you’ll need to watch out. Air to air parrys are the same, really easy to time, but deadly risky against characters with air throws or some form of counter.

The other thing you need to get used to is actually pressing a button afterwards. I found this a lot harder to get used to than learning to adapt to my friend and parrying him. Learning the apropriate attack for the apropraite situation, there is many of them, is crucial for your benefit because mistakes can be made when the wrong attack is used.

There is prbably more I should say, but my minds went blank. I’ll post up if I think of more.

P.S You’re a girl right?

If you’re trying to learn parrying, just spot habits. If you’re new to fighting games, everything demon dash said could be thrown right out the window because you just don’t have the experience yet. Most people believe blocking anything = time to punish and that’s when a good player will eat you alive.

Simple things to look out for. When your opponent knocks you down, what do they do? When you jump in on an opponent, what do they do? Simple things. If they do the same thing twice, knock you down then sweep you when you get up everytime. You know what to do. It’s better to just play it safe and block most of the time. Parry when you know you can parry or when you have to parry. It’s easy to practise parrying all day in Trainning Mode, but in a real match it doesn’t mean anything. You’ll slowly get better with parrying as you learn whats more important to parry.

option parry and option select are alright for scoring parries.

go into training mode and put the dummy on cpu while you won’t learn to parry everything you’ll learn to spot certain moves
really its just a matter of playing i parry and spot things now i never did when i first started

It sounds like you are having trouble with parry Execution… meaning, you knew the move was coming, u predicted it, but when u went to parry it, you missed it…am I right?

If so the problem is Xbox Live. XBL doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves. It can be a great training ground for beginners and for those that don’t have comp in their area. However, it’s very hard to be consistent with parrying online because the timing changes from connection to connection. And if you play alot offline and switch to off or vice versa it can screw you up big time.

If you continue to play offline AND online you’re going to have problems timing parries, and your execution will remain fucked. That’s just part of the baggage that comes with online play. It sucks.

You have a choice: Quit online play, perfect ur parry timing but lose ur only source of competition…or B, continue to play online and accept that you’re going to fuck up parries and lose to stupid shit, but at least u’ll have comp.

If you play the CPU keep it on level 1 and just practice executing combos, etc.


Anyway, the way I practice parrying is in parry mode on my ps2, since you mentioned offline play I’m guessing you play on Xbox. If it has that, use recording mode to have a character use a whole buncha random crap then try and parry it until you can parry it all. Then record a new set of moves with a differant character, rinse and repeat. Playing with other people is the best practice once you can do it solo.

Come over to my place, i’ll help you get better in a lot of things.

Yeah, she’s a she. I’ve played 3rd Strike with her and her bf over their house a couple times.

my question…how do you master both sides…man i can do everything on left…but right side…ah man…i feel like i can only do so much…please help me with this

Best reply of the thread.

lol haunts…

seriously. 1st u need to forget everything u think u know about 3s.

next. find a character. not some shitty character either (i will be the determining factor in who is shitty or not)

then find out the general game plan about that character. (what are they doing to win their matches).

parrying really isnt that important at the beginner stage, and parrying ability isnt even an essential part of the game at high levels.

find out what normals and shit are best for each situation, what are the most practical combos for each situation etc…

then watcha bunch of high level videos to see that shit in action.

also when u lose, try to think about possible counters to whatever u lose to.

nothing to say here but practice alot of people including myself have this problem can’t do anything but practice

the best way to get better is to understand the game. This is the hardest aspect of getting good at any SF game.

What? No joking remark from CRoyd? AMAZING.

What I did to learn parries was not try to learn them. I just let the function come to me. Eventually, you’re going to be forced into a situation in which you’ll have no choice but to parry your way out of. I learned to use them because the competition forced me into it. Soon after that, I started using parries in many different types of situations: To stop jump ins and in air-to-air situationst to name a few.

The only time I actually went into the parry training was to learn to parry super arts. .

Yes. I would. No offense to my favorite species, but I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl that knows her fighting stuff.

it was 1 year in before i even started parrying simple jump ins, then i started imitating croyd, lol without the parrying ability though.

imo, dropping the habit of parrying(everything that moves) will be a mile stone in your play. good players who still parry alot, usually, already went thru this phase.

fly going across the screen
"i got this yo"

Just started 3rd strike like in October '05. (Got sucked in by my friend)

Well…I first learned to parry hadoukens because my friend only did jump in HK, low HK, hurricanes and hadoukens. I assume you can parry hadou’s like nothing. Second, would be to learn to parry EX hadou’s because it gets you used to the timing of parrying from the the first to second hadou and also plenty of normal attacks have that same timing(ex. Urien’s EX metalic sphere). Once confident enough to parry any EX hadou’s, advance to Ryu’s Shinkuu Hadou super or Akuma’s Gouhadou super. The timing is the same as EX hadou’s, so just parry 5 times (6 against AKuma’s). Practice in parry training of course. (And if you’re crazy like me, I practiced parrying Chun’s SA2(all kicks), Parrying her last kick, or red parrying her 2nd set of kicks. Its what got my reaction and parrying time up a bit)

I really don’t know…it just depends on the person when learning to parry. When people always do jump -> attack, you eventually want to punish them for always repeating the same moves. Its just adaptation. When I played against CPU Ryu, ryu always shoryuken’s my jump-in attacks. So instead of jump-in attacks, I do jump-in parry and punish him when he lands.

lol. not sure if it was any help. Even though im the best amongst my friends (from watching all those high tier vids) im still a newb (I wouldn’t mind getting tips from people ^_-) but i can parry much better

My method

I am relatively new at 3s (gettin’ close to a year now), and I am by no means an expert at parrying. But I do have a few tips for parrying. Don’t go in trying to parry everything. Try first and foremost to be confident (it takes balls when you first start parrying). Try to be aware of opportunities. Look for good opportunites to parry. Parrying is not a good decision in some situations. Remember parrying is a risk/reward tactic, so if you end up eating it on an attempted parry, stay cool. A lot of people I’ve seen play get too easily frustrated and give up. Then they miss out on good openings to parry in the next round or match. If you want to learn to parry super arts, go to the parrying training. But other than that, I would say regular hits and other moves can be easily learned by just playing. It’s also better that way because you are applying your parries to a real situation or match. I know tons of people that can parry Chun Li’s SA II all day in training, but could never do it in a match. It’s like being able to make every shot in basketball practice, and then you have a game and you can’t make a shot. In many ways 3s is like poker to me. It’s all about odds. It’s a guessing game. So with parrying (like poker): Take opportunities when you get them ( be aware at all times), play smart (parry when it will benefit you in the match), and occasionally take a risk (large risk = large reward). Hopefully this helps (sorry I was so damn long winded!)

-Mike :wgrin: