whats the Best way to protect my art

I have finished my art and had it laser cut for the Fightsick and i want to get a protective layer over the art like a laminate. The problem with using a laminate is the Button Holes they get laminated over and have to be cut out. Cutting them by hand is extremely difficult to make it look just right and professional. Iv looked into Plexi covers but i don’t like the way the Plexiglas is raised on the fightsick itself its to noticeable and is unconformable for me personally what i’m asking here is there any place i can go to to get a decal fused on the bottom of an acrylic sheet just like the original art for the TE stick is designed or a way to get the laminate look with the holes laser cut out to the exact measurements

Game On Grafix would be the best for having art without an Acrylic Panel.

Would you want to spend more money for it though?

Depends on how much more

For what it’s worth, cutting the holes through laminate yourself isn’t as difficult or as unforgiving as you might think, as the lip of the buttons and the sticks disk washer will completely cover up most minor mistakes.

Oh i know iv done a lot of trial and errors with the Laminate the only problem i run into is the Playstation home area that just never seems to come out just right no matter how careful i am