What's the best way to punish?

I just recently started to play Twelve again (because, even though he sucks, he’s fun to play), and I realized that I don’t know of any good way to punish my opponent if I parry something/he whiffs something/I block something.

A few days ago, I blocked a stray Machinegun Blow from friend’s Dudley, and I thought it’d be a good idea to punish with EX A.X.E. (har har :rolleyes:). I quickly found that using half a meter to get one (weak) hit in while giving yourself negative frame advantage is probably not the best thing to do.

So: what’s the best way to punish? SA1? Close mk xx instant SA2? Block (:wtf: although it wouldn’t surprise me for Twelve)?

Eh… I don’t believe there are that many for Twelve in comparison to characters who have ranged combo opportunities (Chun/Ken: c.mk -> super). Depending on your distance when you parry, you could probably throw out a close mp, mp, s.hp (if you parry an aerial attack) or if they are really close, c.lk -> A.X.E or simply throw. After you block or after your opponent wiffs, there aren’t really many options that are fast enough to punish with besides c.mk and far mp. Maybe somebody else knows more effective counters, but as far as I know, there are not that many damaging options.


Whippy-hands (AXE) isn’t always safe, even on a clean hit. It can be reversal’d with some of the faster supers, but luckily most people don’t know that. Don’t take the chance though.

SA1 is the other “best” option, but you shouldn’t use it by itself if you can help it (unless the opponent is doing something with a wide hitbox, like shoto fireball or crouching roundhouse, or Dudley crouching… everything). Some opponents have really thin hitboxes when they’re in the middle of attacking, so you’ll lose hits (and thusly damage). I like to use close standing mp (the elbow) to put them into a ‘hit’ animation, and then late-cancel into SA1. It sets the opponent at the perfect range to SA1 for maximum amount of hits.

You can barely tell the difference between immediately cancelling off close mp and the latest possible cancel just looking at it, as they’re less than half a second apart. But the opponent moves farther back, and when you get it right you should be able to see a good 1-3 more hits in the combo. It’s worth it.


12 throws sucks in range but i use throw more than any other move except for the cr.mk thanks for its long range.

ahh so AXE is the whippy-hands move. yeah, i’m a noob at this game, so if you see me at all i’ll probably be asking obvious questions.

i find the whippy-hands is the best move for turtling, but then again i dont know that many moves. heh. also the axey-kickey thing is useful.

Only stuff I’ve ever seen was throw, if you’re close, SP >> XNDL. Also saw some random stuff like cr. SK, st. RK