What's the best way to thread a controller cord through a hole?


Tried looking for this but found nothing (the search feature has me on a 999999999sec cooldown after one search :looney:).

Here’s the dilemma: I want to thread my PS1 controller cord through a small hole on the side of my arcade stick. The hole is only so big that the controller port/PCB end can’t fit through it. Obviously I need to cut the cord, but what would be the best way to go about re-attaching them? I’ve heard there might be some “shielding” in there I may have to get around. How hard would this be to do overall?

Also on a side note: if anyone is good at hacking a PS1 pad and doing the aforementioned threading and would be able to do it for some $$, please let me know. I could have the stick shipped to you for it.

If you cut the cord, you would have to splice the individual wires back together, then use electrical tape to cover it up. It’s a fairly easy task, just requires some basic soldering…

Most wire cutters should be able to cut through shielding (it’s usually just made of copper and plastic). I don’t think a PS1 pad cord even has any shielding anyway…

Alternatively, you can just temporarily desolder the cord from the PCB, then thread the cord through the hole and resolder it to the PCB. This is a bit more advanced, but much less time consuming than the other method.