whats the best

dual shock pad designed for fighters? i hated ps3 d pad, ps4s d pad is thin and seems easy on the thumb. the original ps1 pad not the ds, had heavy buttons and it felt weird. i bought one cause alot here said it was good, but i didn’t like it sadly. i mostly used the ds 2 to me i find the ds 2, and ps4 being the best suited for fighters. what do you guys say?

Damn. That is one long and unreadable sentence. Please post your question in the q&a thread.

why whatever do you mean sir

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Your first post is hard to decipher.

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If you are asking about D-pads/ game pads for fighting games? Oh boy…

Everyone got their own ideas what makes a good pad for fighters.
There nothing I can suggest that be a easy and relatively cheap solution.
I personally think the Sega Saturn D-pad reached the right of perfection for fighters.
Getting one to work with a PS4, well that is a horse of a different color.

Best thread title ever…

well im great with tekken on pad. i feel its made for pad, but sf games pad just is so hard. im at like 60%. i feel i have better movement, but reactions on pad sucks t me. hitting anti airs in time doing hcfs, 360s, pianoing isnt gonna happen lol. but if i have t use pad for certain games im curious what pad players prefer on dual shock.

i love ds design, and snes. i feel those are the best pads for fighting games .

well duh of course… only the best comes out of me

i also dont get all the saturn love i know guys like the button placement but the d pad? wtf? it has the diagonals you cant jist smoothly roll qcfs ect due to it having the db,df ects along with u,d,r,l buttons i think that is crap idk how anyone could play on pads with diagonals

Sorry but you lost all credibility when you took a dump on the Saturn pad.

The Saturn has one of the best D-pad designs ever.
It was go good that they made Saturn pads for the PS2 and PC.

The downside is the market is flooded with cheap knock off Saturn USB Pads.

lol like i care for YOUR credibility XD

and nobody can say why saturns d pad was so good when it has diagnals everyone knows games like tekken or sf needs just the 4 and not 8 buttons for directions thats why u never see top sf pad players use saturn pads mostly its ps dualshock pads

i dont remember seeing saturn pad for ps2 other than when the sf ac pads came out it was basically the saturn design i just dont see how a pad with diagonals is good for fighters seems way to easy to fuck up qcfs not even counting 360s ect

You should ask DSP.

Yeah they exist, they are also $90 to $100 as they are collector items

The Purple one is the Dark Stalkers edition of the PS2 Saturn pad

Wait a sec… you want to know which Playstation gamepad is good for fighters? I’d say the Dual-shock 2 for PS2. It’s also one of the best and well-rounded gamepad designs of all-time imo.

I don’t know why they made revisions to the design with the PS3 and PS4. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Everyone got their own ideas what works and don’t work.
Your own mileage may vary.

Now if you are up to some DIY work, finding a part you like, gutting it and getting to work with another compatible controller board is a thing.

I seen people take a controller, desolder or cut out the encoder chip inside, wire the pad to a big 15 or 20 pin connector which connects to a project box housing the brains of a controller compatible to a system you want to use the controller on. And tech talk has a number of those projects done somethere here int he forums.

Recently someone gutted the Pokken Pad, took out the Encoder chip repurpose a 20 pin connector to hoot it to a project box with a Dual moded Brooks UFB and MC Cthulhu inside

this… same with fighting games they make a almost perfect game then next installment they change everything and the fans hate it

thats crazy… tbh most id pay for a pad is 50 100 for a controller? how come nobody can just make a decent saturnpad lol its basic buttons and a d pad it shouldnt be that hard to design an older style pad it snot like its a technical ps4 or xbox pad

id love to know how to do that stuff but id be too afraid id screw it up id need to watch some vids ect to figure out what im doing is there any decent knock off saturn pads? is it true that the sf 15th ps2 pads are basically the same d pad?

i just wana see what all the hype is about over this saturn pad by its looks the d pad doesnt loom good at all having its diagonals making it seem like doing qcfs will be hard ect