What's the better game... DOA5 or VF 5?


Hey guys,

Which game is better DOA 5 or VF 5 FS ?

I have VF 5 FS, I haven’t played it much,
and the online is barren.

So I was thinking, maybe I should just go with DOA 5,
I’ve never played a DOA game before, and this one is suppose to be the best one yet.

It’s going for $19.99 at gamestop,
but if it doesn’t compare, then I think I’d much rather pick up Injustice.


SnoopDogg, shouldn’t you be asking about TTT2?


As far as game mechanics go,
I thought VF and DOA were more similar to each other than Tekken is to either of the two.


No versus threads.

Also, as Preppy has often stated.