Whats the biggest diff betwenn Geese's and Rock's knockdown blow?

Apart from the motion, which is more better ?

Geese is more powerful, Rock is less damage, but easier motion.

Simple newbie ish… Geese GC and Power for stun and Rock…uber conphuzion game.

Rock’s knockdown blow doesn’t exist. I’m assuming you’re talking about f + hp with geese.

I thought he was talking about the counters. If it is counter related, they both have very similar moves. I think the startup may be different, not sure if Rock’s are 1 framers.

Otherwise, Geese’s f+hp has more range and is also useful as a kara cancel. Rocks’ fierce is more often used as a meaty, since it doesn’t have as much range.

One thing i found out was that Rock’s Counters, do NOT counter Supers. I ate one because i thought it does seeing a friend counter a super with Geese. I am pretty sure Rock does not counter supers. His Raging Storm is also less range from the top…i missed a Nako who was just flying around once -_-; That was stupid.

Only Geese and Todo can counter supers. Rock, hibiki and S.akuma cannot.

OK thanks

Rock’s counters are also less laggy than Geese’s. I’m pretty confident that Geese’s won’t miss and cannot be counter-countered after the fact, unlike Rock’s. By this I mean that after you hit Geese when he’s countering, you’re going to take damage. However, with Rock’s depending on weird trajectories and your location relative to his, it’s not 100% certain that you’ll be hit by his kick. (There’s a vid floating around on the internet showing a counter-counter with Dan and Yamazaki).

if ur talking about the counter move…

rocks counter is less safe then Geese’s becuz Geese has 100% garuntee u will grab him and rock will miss during a cross up.

Raising storms… Geese comes out instantly. Rock comes out about .5 seconds later giving u time to block or JD of parry.