What's the % breakdown for how good people are at this game?


If you were to take all the 3s players in the world and break them down into 5 categories of skill level, how would the % break down?

To be clear and make sure we’re all on discussing the same thing, we’ll call the 5 categories

1 Top level
2 Very Skilled
3 Average
4 Below average
5 Bad or new

If you want you could list some characteristics of some or all the categories or examples of players that are in that skill area.

Also, do you feel 3s breaks down differently than other games for these categories or do most competitive games have roughly the same skill curve?

  1. Average. Right now there’s way more bads playing 3SOE than good players playing 3s overall. Sure the japanese scene is large and lively, but they alone can’t compete against the masses when it comes to something like this.


Top level: Artayes
Bad or new: Ryan


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You’re either 3rd Strike or you don’t exist.


Do you really want to hear, 99% Japan

1% broken up US/EU/AU/anyone else?

Granted, everyone already has a different idea of your OP, IglooBob, since you yourself didn’t have a set in stone idea how this was gonna work out, and a starting example.

& OT, though you said you are rolling Makoto SA3 now, still would like to play your warm up Ryu again. You busted up one of my lobbies fast once with him.


Well I’ll try to explain better. I’m trying to make sense of the skill curve of this game and the perception of it in the community. So I’ll take me as an example. I’m not horrible, but I’m not amazing. I don’t play any character at a high level and every time I’ve run into an actually good player (a few from here for instance) I’ve gotten my shit wrecked.

Still besides that, I’ve got around a 66% win ratio on XBL, and probably closer to about ~75% over the last couple months. I’m playing people who are worse than me a good portion of the time. I’ve played mostly US residents, and a fair amount of Japanese XBL players. The quality of talent seems to be slightly higher for the Japanese people I play but it’s not overwhelmingly so. I realize that a lot of the best Japanese just like a lot of the best Americans might not playing online, and especially aren’t gonna be in ranked matches. So I keep that in the back of my mind as well.

Which leads me to making this topic. If I’m not very good, but still better than about 75% of the people I run into in ranked and player matches, that must mean that the majority of the people who play this game are pretty bad at it. That’s only counting the people who play online, there’s probably even a bigger population that enjoys 3s casually but doesn’t spend much if any time online.

So I’m curious how to sort this out and describe the skill curve accurately. What describes an “average 3s player” and what are his characteristics? Also, the skill gap between an average player and a top level player is gonna be massive. Is that gap the same in 3s as in any other game, or is it bigger and if so what about the game makes it that way?


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Don’t use online as a your main judgment of the worlds skill level. Online is very easy to DL the game and start playing instantly without any practice or knowledge of 3rd strike at all. Sadly, 90% of the people online suck. If you practice combos and study the game for one month, you’ll destroy 90% of the people. The beginner and/or casual player is what makes up the online player base.

Arcade is different because anyone who puts in the time and effort to get out of their house and play this game has also put in the time and effort to learn the game. Add the fact that offline is reactionary and online is jungle and you’ll instantly realize how good people can be at this game. The dedicated players make up the arcade player base.

1 Top level 1% (None of these players live outside Japan)
2 Very Skilled 5% (Only maybe 5-10 of these players live outside Japan. This number will grow as time goes on.
3 Average 12% (You know all your characters combos, and you can execute them when needed)
4 Below average 32% (These people can do some combos but they blow it sometimes. Can’t really do basic things like short short super consistent, etc. They don’t understand the game completely.)
5 Bad or new 50% (Pretty much all of 3soe.)

This is just my opinion. :slight_smile:


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I came back to challenge the fact that you didn’t even answer the OP but low and behold you came through with the ninja edit. Where do you rate youself on that list Ryan?


Yea I was posting originally from my phone and halfway through I realized fuck this…then decided to finish it on my pc.

Either on the top part of average or the lower part of very skilled. Depending on how many beers I drank the night before.