What's the cheapest, good (wood) router for me?

Thinking about getting a router, don’t know jack about it, my friend does but he only knows how to use one. I think i’m only going to use it to route mounting plates, button holes, and to make a chamfer on the edges of my cases.

Any suggestions? Something below 100 dollars if possible. Difference between plunge and non plunge?

rent it at home depot or lowes just about $20. save your money.:angel:

or i can buy one because i actually want to get into building other stuff someday. like, furniture, which I don’t have lawl. Just to kill time.

lol, when I first saw the title of the thread I was thinking Linksys or some shit like that.

lawl, “new and improved, routes wood AND internet traffic.”

just for the love of god don’t get a craftsmans. The depth on craftsman routers tend to drift. I had to clamp the thing down with a C clamp to keep it steady. Shitty thing that ate up part of my finger and sucks.

yeah, my friend who knows how to build stuff was all like “routers scare me.”

routers eat fingers for breakfast.

Make sure you get dust mask, goggles and ear plugs…