What's the consensus?

Okay, so I’ve searched quite a bit through all the multiple helpful threads around here and I still couldn’t find the answer to my question. Has the washer issue been fixed for the second batch of SE sticks? I’ve read posts saying yes and I’ve read posts saying no, so perhaps someone can enlighten me please. I apologize if I’ve missed a definitive answer in the search, I don’t mean my first post to be one of those that piss everyone off. Thanks.

I haven’t seen the issue occur 2nd generations of SE sticks. I know that there were issues on the release of the 1st batch of sticks that was released to the public

picked up an SE like a week ago and noticed it had a loose washer, quite sure it was from the 2nd batch.

My 2nd wave SE (360) had a loose washer that I had to glue down. At best it’s inconsistent, at worst they didn’t change a thing.